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  1. 155 mj, stock pj, clip 3, two turns out on mixture screw, slightly raised float level
  2. Hi, Bike in question is a 2006 DRZ400SM. It currently has a jet kit with the 3x3 mod and complete Arrow exhaust. The bike will be sold soon so the Exhaust is coming off and being sold separately but I'm leaving the opened air box and jet kit in the bike. What would be the best jetting to have the bike running well and without any hesitations with the open air box but with the stock exhaust? I'm not looking for any power gains or anything, just want to have it running well for the buyer to be content with it. I'm riding at sea level. Thanks in advance, Ralph.
  3. I spent most of the day at the shop today. We (he) eventually managed to get rid of most of the hesitation I had. I can now cruise on the highway without feeling like the bike is starving for fuel, I do however still feel a very very mild hesitation (I actually thought my mind was playing tricks on me but another friend of mine confirmed it) when going through 5-5.5k RPM but it's so mild that I can live with it for now. The setting that eventually worked for us was 155mj, stock pilot jet, needle at clip 4 and an adjustment in the float level (changed the height of the float but I don't know which way, I'm pretty sure to allow more fuel in the bowl). I do wonder however, that since everything he did to get to this point was richen the mixture (correct me if I'm wrong), maybe going to a 160mj with a lower clip on the needle would get rid of that ghost-hesitation as well... your thoughts?! Anyway, thanks a bunch to everyone who chipped in, I appreciate it. Ralph.
  4. hmmm... Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to hear any opinion but I can't seem to find the logic in running the #145mj again. The bike comes stock with the 145. Now it has the airbox opened-up and a free'er flowing full exhaust system... seems to me that running the 145 would be dangerously lean. Anyway, I'll be seeing my mechanic tomorrow morning and I hope all will be finally sorted out. I'll report back what was done and what are the results. Thanks Eddie, Solorsix and James for your opinions and concern. Ralph.
  5. Yes I have!
  6. Thanks for trying Solorsix. I appreciate it... and yeah, my bad, I meant 5th gear (too many years on street bikes )
  7. Solorsix, I'm sorry for my poor English vocabulary, I'm doing my best to describe the problem. Missing or "coughing" are both adequate terms to describe the "hesitation" I'm experiencing. You are correct, it's not as violent as actually running out of gas but it sort of feels like it only to a lesser extent. When I'm cruising, for example, in 6th gear at around 65mph (14 teeth CS sprocket) and the throttle being at roughly 50%, it doesn't pull steadily. I can feel it through my body movements that it kinda pulls then starves (for air or gas, I don't know) then pulls again the whole time i'm at that throttle position. once I pin it or even just accelerate a little it pulls great, much much better than before the mod's. It's just at that specific throttle position and RPM that it feels hesitant. Hope that makes sense. The pilot jets I ordered from TT finally arrived so I will be going to my mechanic again on Monday and he'll hopefully sort it out. I understand that it doesn't seem to be a pilot circuit problem but I just wanted to have all the options available for him when he digs into it again. Any and all opinions are very very welcome still. Thanks, Ralph.
  8. Eddie? anyone?
  9. Hey Eddie. Like you recommended, I revisited clip 3 and made sure the spacers are in the correct place and order.... Unfortunately, the "out-of-gas" feeling is still there. Should I give 4th clip a try or is it a waste of time?
  10. I'll do that again and test ride it, probably this weekend. I'll let you know how it works. Thanks Eddie and everyone else for your insights. Ralph.
  11. Eddie, Please excuse my English! I was under the impression that surge and hesitate are the same, appearantly they aren't. What I feel is the same feeling you get when the bike runs out of fuel. Yes, we tried both 3rd and 1st clip in combination with both the 150 and 155mj. 2nd clip with 155mj was the best compromise.
  12. Well. I disconnected the TPS and rode the bike from home to work (10 miles, mostly freeway)... still hesitates. With the TPS disconnected it hesitates a little off idle as well. Any other ideas? My mod's are pretty common and yet, I get a feeling that the symptoms are a bit unique. Which of the symptoms seems strange to you Eddie? the fact that it surges mid RPM or the fact that the mixture screw smoothes the idle at the point that it does? Thanks. Ralph.
  13. Thanks! Looks like I'll need some
  14. Thanks solorsix. I'll trace back from the carb and disconnect it in the morning. Just wondering, what will disconnecting the TPS prove if the surge stays or whether it goes away?