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  1. Scooter Bill


    What makes you think my post was directed at you?
  2. Scooter Bill

    Training continued( The work out)

    Just pointing out I had tried some of these before , so untie your panties.
  3. Scooter Bill

    Training continued( The work out)

    The Motosport program that was out 5 years or so ago has some of these types of exercises in it.
  4. Scooter Bill


    Always experts around to pick at anything anyone posts. Some of us are listening so don`t get discouraged by a few know it alls.
  5. I had someone use that argument once when he showed up with his new off road thumper , to bad it blew a fuse on the first ride and made him look like dork when he pushed his new bike out of the woods.
  6. Scooter Bill

    What's your Top Off-road mods?

    Bike fit and suspension for my size come first , get comfortable first and then modify the rest. 1. Lower pegs , taller seat , forward / up bar mounts etc. 2. suspenion set up for the woods ( some of todays bikes are not that bad stock ) 3. large tank , handguards and other woods related add ons 4. the usual bling bling stuff that is a waste of money but nice to have comes next such as I am in the process of lacing up an 18 for the rear of my bike. Not really a have to have item but nice to have in the woods.
  7. Scooter Bill

    Used U-Hauls for sale...

    http://trucksales.uhaul.com/ you can do an equipment search and find them all over the country
  8. Scooter Bill

    Should I go green?

    The YZF has proven itself to be the most reliable 250 thumper and the new 06 is really cool looking in yellow / black colors.
  9. Scooter Bill

    Wheelies: How to

    There is a how to wheelie article in the new issue of Dirtrider.