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  1. rico08

    TTR225 oil capacities

    Not sure on the forks,my oil change took a quart of oil.
  2. rico08

    99' ttr 225 won't start

    I fixed it!... The fuses were gone and somebody had just slipped them together like the bullet connectors on the bike but they had the kill switch wire going to ground..so it's fixed! Thanks a bunch for the help guys!!
  3. rico08

    99' ttr 225 won't start

    I have no spark at all,i can't find any fuses anywhere.
  4. rico08

    99' ttr 225 won't start

    I'm scared to even price a stator.Are there fuses on this bike? Thanks for the replies.
  5. rico08

    99' ttr 225 won't start

    I bought this bike from a guy who accidentally hooked up the jumper cables backwards and fried it,i tried a different cdi box but i'm still not getting any fire.Any ideas on where to look next?