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    Shipping Gear To Gear / Parts To Cabo (Baja)

    Thanx for the replies. Rudy....... I'll PM you about the bus thing. If it's a secure option, it might be the best way to go as long as they'll hold it for the 7-10 days it'll take us to get there. OneWoods.........Any info you could give on shops in La Paz and / or South of there would be much appreciated. Not having good luck with Internet searches. Any other input on this trip is all good. T3
  2. Tracer67

    Shipping Gear To Gear / Parts To Cabo (Baja)

    I see spell checker doesn't help with stupitity. Post should read "Shipping Gear / Parts To Cabo (Baja). T3
  3. Doing a 2 rider (EXC525 & CRF450) from Mexicali to Cabo and back over 20 days in March. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on shipping stuff to Cabo. Need to get a fresh set of tires, filters, oil, etc... there. Will the postal service hold it for pick-up? Is there a postal service?(kidding) Are there any other options that will work. Never shipped anything to or in Mexico before. Also any other input on this trip would be great. Done lots of research but always willing to learn more. :applause: :smashpc: :smashpc: :smashpc: T3
  4. Tracer67

    KTM/HONDA Service In Vegas

    Going to be stopping in Vegas for a few days on route from Canada to Cabo and will need to get KTM EXC & HONDA CRF serviced. Nothing major (I hope), just basic service (valves, oils, filters). Any recomendations on shops for either or both bikes would be apreciated.