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  1. NRath

    Shorty's Special Juice?

    Funny guys are always good and one of them nailed it... had to be Tiger Blood! Thanks though, glad to hear it was legit.
  2. Did anyone else notice AS's mechanic (or someone) pouring something in the tank at the starting line of Washougal Moto 2? The cameras cut over to the mechanic and the bike at the gate as commentators were giving AS props. Watch a little closer and you'll see the mechanic APPEAR to be pouring something from an MSR bottle in, then screwing on the cap. Probably just topping off the fuel that evaporated between the pits and the gate. Ignoring whatever that was, full props and respect out to Andrew Short- respectable person and a great rider! I hope the after-racer life serves you well!
  3. NRath

    D606's on sale?

    I'm on my 3rd 606 rear, killed 2 606 frts before going to XCMH for this round. I will definitely not be buying another XCMH. Problem is 2 fold- 1. the worst crash so far happened on my 2nd dirt ride with the XCMH- front end washed out. I'm not saying it was the tire's fault, but it's a place I've ridden dozens of times and never wrecked there before! 2. tire wear- she's done and there's still a bit of tread left on the rear. I can't see adding a new frt to this well worn rear. I definitely won't get full life out of another frt before the rear is unrideable. So, that's a pattern that only costs more $$ I've got 17k on the bike, so I'd say I'm getting about 3-4k per set of 606's. And yes, they're toast when they come off. I've considered all of them each time i replace, hence the XCMH last time. The MT-21 looks like a good option, but I think I read that they will be 2 fronts per rear in wear. Given that they are basically the same price per tire- that's a loser.
  4. Does anyone recall seeing Dunlop 606's ever on sale? I need one or two but would like to find a deal. They are far from the cheapest DS tire, for sure! Nothing rubs me worse than to drop a dime, then spot it on sale 2 weeks later.
  5. I don't think you have a problem, mine is about the same as well. Your real question is how far your going before hitting reserve with a stock tank. When I recently switched back to the stocker for a bit, I got a surprise that first ride out at 75 miles when it ran out!
  6. I don't have anything to offer as far as solving the problem, but I can definitely add that I don't feel a soft front end is going to fix it. My front is stock and pretty squishy. I don't have any places for big air, so I keep it soft to soak up the roots and rocks we have in the woods trails. That said, we also have lots of very sandy soil. After wearing out a deathwing and having almost no front or rear control, the 606's frt/rr were huge improvements in grip and stability in the sand as you'd expect. Now I'm running XCMH front and 606 rear (both new) and though it's a huge improvement over stock, they are still almost like ice in the deep, soft sand. In fact, I attribute the bent rim and handlebars I now have to that problem. Well, that and the fact I was haulin balls into a sandy corner. I grabbed a little front brake and the front just washed out right into a tree. But, it's always been unsteady in sand- no confidence whatsoever that it's going to keep going the direction you're pointed. Unfortunately, I haven't ridden anything else in the past 15 years to compare it to. That said, the right tire will make a significant improvement. 606 or XCMH... I'm going with another 606 next time. I'm sure there are better, but I need some longevity on the street as well. I think a good sand tire is going to be much softer than either of my choices but the road will eat it in no time.
  7. NRath

    Made a new friend...

    Only the SM's have Excel's. I was just seeing teh Excel's as a cheaper alterniatve to buying a whole oem wheel- not to mention they're cool looking. Just wighing the options. As for the helmet- yeah def due for a replacement.
  8. NRath

    Made a new friend...

    Thanks for the lookout. Looks like he's just getting his hands on them. And those are the big $$ A60's. Any other opinions from experience out there?
  9. NRath

    Made a new friend...

    It was tall and covered with bark! Yep, during my lunch time romp through the woods, I met up with a tree. Front end washed out in a deep sand corner at about 25 and sent me straight into a tree as I tried to save it. Front tire was head on and I went straight into it. I'm still walking and talking, but I did get an instant headache when the helmet stopped on the side of the tree- bruised up the right side a little, but that just reminds me how much fun I was having! The front wheel is wasted and the bars are bent- both sides forward. Fortunately, I was still able to ride it back to work and home. The reason for my post is for rim input. I wonder if an Excel is stronger than stock, or about the same but lighter, or what. On the sport quad side that I know so well, truth is that most stock wheels are super strong and I don't know if that translates to bikes. The oem rim is stupid expensive new at $200+, BTO sells an Excel for $139. Complete front wheels are selling used for about $200 but you never know what your getting till the money is gone. So, I'm leaning toward the Excel and relacing and I just want to make sure it will at least be as strong as the stocker- it took a heck of lick and alot of abuse up until now! Thanks for any input. As a side note- I just broke 15k on the Dizzer and the bike has been totally awesome!
  10. I'm going to say it depends... Depends on how much it's ridden. A simple thing to do would be to pull the pump apart, there are a couple gears, just take one out and put the pump back together. Then there's no more mechanical action. Even better is to buy/make a blockoff plate so you can remove the entire pump assembly. That's the route I go. But, the depends part is that if it only gets ridden a couple hours every 2-3 weeks, you could just start premixing and leave the pump alone. I'd completely expect it would run a verrrrrrry long time before there was ever a problem from not running oil through it. As for the carb side, yeah, just pull the hose and cap the fitting on the carb whichever way you handle the pump side. With all that said, I've never worked on an RT specifically, but all the oil pumps I've seen are very similar to one another and the above suggestions would apply.
  11. Yep, for sure! Don't forget, that repair shop is in the repair business! They aren't looking out for your best interest! A broken rod because of a seized wrist pin or broken valve can go through the case. Cha ching!!
  12. I've got one buddy that sold his DR and bought a DRZ- says he wouldn't go back. Another buddy was in the same boat as you and went with the DR- sort of regrets it and wishes he went DRZ. I'd say it's all about where your heart is. Realistically, my miles are probably 75% street/25% dirt, but my heart is in the dirt. So, I'll sacrifice street perf, even though I ride more miles of it, to get decent dirt performance. So, if you prefer better street manners and a little offroad ability, the DR is the pick. If you dream of slinging some roost and are just stuck on the roads for practical reasons, buy the DRZ! You won't regret it! The DRZ is a great bike on road and off. Even with Dunlop 606's, theres plenty of traction to make teh twisties fun. And plenty of power to turn any trail into all the fun you can stand! I've been beating on mine for 3 years and can't wait for the next time I get to climb on! Hmmmm, Sunday..... Forgot to mention- I'm 6', 180 lbs and the DRZ fits like a glove. The first few times I got on, I remember it feeling high. No more, it's just perfect, just got to get used to it. I tried the gel seat, but the reduced seat height drove me crazy so I went back to the stocker. That's about a 1-2" change.
  13. NRath

    North Carolina DRZ Rider's Thread

    Hey, jtiv... I was there last weekend for the first time. Any chance you're still riding on Deathwings?!! Looked like a deathwing slide! I took the kids and quads and camped Sat night. Had a good time. Not the best place for trails, but the young 'uns had a ball in the pits and all on the left side of the park. I'm a couple hrs north of you guys up in VA, though. So doubt I'll be back anytime soon. If there's anyone up near Roanoke Rapids or knows where to ride up somewhere near the NC/VA border, I'd come down for some fun!
  14. Let me see... Where's a good hard wrench!! LOL! You're in a bad place, for sure. Assuming anything is just guessing. It's going to have to come apart to know what you've got. From the sounds of it, it never actually stalled/locked up, that's a plus. But ran dreadfully low for a long time. The most likely victims- cams, buckets, piston/sleeve, and bearings. But, some may be reusable. Just no telling. Would like to hear the outcome, that's for sure! One thing you can count on- you better take your good wallet with you to pick it up!
  15. NRath

    Wheelies ;)

    Uhhh, yeahhh, I'm going with OUCH!!!! That's some serious rash!