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    my kid ,dirtbikes,old nissan cars
  1. dom

    DRZ owners..what do YOU do in the winter?

    Iam from Australia we ride all year round:thumbsup:
  2. http://www.bikepoint.com.au/DesktopDefault.aspx?UsedBikeID=2429506&TabID=3424&Alias=bikepointau This is cheapest option
  3. I bought my 07 for$9500 on rd which included 12 months insurance ,rego,reikon bars ,ufo headlight,procircuit t4 pipe,mini indicators,small license plate holder -brakelight assembly.Have a look on bikepoint .com to see what the dealers are offering
  4. dom

    What color DRZ 400 do you have?

    Yellow here ,but want to get all black plastics
  5. dom

    My DRZ is gone....

    In Australia we get the crf 450 with rego.But Iam keeping my DRZ I just love it too much
  6. that's one nice trailer .
  7. yeh i was just about to trade my xr400 on a road bike when I foun out that my wife was pregnant and since then ther's no way iam getting 1.I still have rego on my xr but use my van to take it around and only ride it on the road if absolutley necessary(like crossing off road sections.Thats my opinion anyways
  8. I am not a huge fan i prefer long fast sections single track normally sees me coming of in to the scrub