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    Led problem, yes I searched

    I think you are talking about replacing your turn lights with LED's? Engineer mode on: If you are driving a single LED from 12v, the proper resistor is determined by 12 - 1.2 / 30ma = 360 ohms. Assuming a 30 ma current for the LED. This 360 ohm resistor would need to be rated as I^2 times R giving 0.03 times 0.03 times 360 equals 0.32 watts. Since the LED's are never on steadily, a 1/3 watt resistor of value 350 to 370 ohms would work just fine. Your LED's are probably a cluster? If each cluster has 5 LED's in parallel, the above is modified by taking 5 times the 30ma leading to 360ohms divided by 5 for about 70 ohms. This 70 ohm resistor would need to have a power rating of 0.15 times 0.15 times 70 equals: 1.58 watts. If you can advise me of the actual configuration of your LED clusters, I can help you with a proper resistor. Your clusters probably have a recommended operating current and are probably all in parallel but I don't know. Does a DRZ-400 use a 12 volt battery? Are the existing bulbs rated for 12 volt use? Craig