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  1. so did everything work out ok?
  2. hitman hart

    KTM/HUSKY owners annoying comments

    i havent read the comments you refer to but i would probably make those same comments myself,the reason being tho is to try and shame the jap manufacturers to get off their butts and join the party!i owned,raced and loved xrs,kdx,wrfs,and if the jap boys had kept pace would most likely still be on them...BUT!!!! you snooze,you lose and the japs gave up long ago,i want to see a wr300 efi electric start 2t yammy,a kdx 200 and 300 2t,another rmx250,crm250??.....they arent making what the customers want so screw them im sticking with my euro bike and loving it,thinking about selling my xr600r for a ktm500 soon too... ps was really impressed by the euro boys throwing their wrfs around at that french enduro the other day,they smoked everyone!!
  3. hitman hart

    Xr600 headers

    I guess it depends what year they are off if they are stainless,honda had stainless headers on the late 80s xr6 so maybe they did with xl too?
  4. hitman hart

    Xr600 headers

    pretty sure I have the xl600 headers on my bike,they have the same internal dia as those south African headers which they said was the optimal size. I don't think they are ss and I would say that mine aren't double walled,they are oem Honda headers but definetly not stock xr6 ones
  5. I have guns too,just seems to be from an outsiders perspective yall keep shooting each other theres not gonna be many of you left,
  6. aaahh America...land of the free....fire zone,exporting the love to any country with lots of natural resources and/or lots of opium..(sorry,any country crying for truth,justice,and democracy)
  7. hitman hart

    xr600r woes

    its off an 02-03 crf450r so I believe its a 40mm carb,very cool upgrade to the bike
  8. hitman hart

    xr600r woes

    we were doing the run from 60kph to 130 to match the last time when it was making 25hp then jumped to 42hp,it didn't get to 42hp(it was about 38-39 ish)but it was already producing it from the 60 kph,and the torque curve was awesome too,its got a monster midrange which is great,sorry I don't have the nitty gritty of the dyno runs, both times have been at no charge and he doesn't drink so I cant even buy him some beers,the first time took so much out of his day that as soon as I saw it was all good on the second one I left it at that,i was kicking myself that we didn't do a run from idle and take a photo of it tho....
  9. hitman hart

    xr600r woes

    ooookaaaaaay,have just finished the saga.......its a very long story so I will keep it short,the rewinders I took my stators too were honest and sincere but did not have much experience with bike stators...after much confusion,misidentification of parts, thinking xr6 stators were ktm 300 stators...yes long story..... I got my stock one back,then I find my new cdi was kaput so I replaced that again too.the bike goes!took it back to the dyno (bearing in mind it was free,last time it took so much more time,this time we redid the same test and this time it was good,but I didn't press the subject..)it seems that the electrosport stator wires had received a blow which broke the bolt holding the case saver beside it,causing the wires to rub on the cases then short out (***not electrosports fault***)taking out the new cdi as well....after replacing that stator with my original rewound stator its going...like a train!!!its been such a screamingly frustrating time tho!!thank you to all the people that offered there advice and tips!!it has been much appreciated and hopefully this thread will help others down the line....ps I still wouldn't buy electrosport again!
  10. hitman hart

    Big chinese radiators for Beta rr

    my ones were tough as hell on my wrf,took a beating and survived hits that would have destroyed stock radiators,peeled the alloy off the side once and still rode 3 days no leaks,got it welded it back up when i got home....
  11. hitman hart

    Restrictor plate racing

    aaah didnt ayrton senna die on an unsafe race track?injuries will happen but if there is a consistant trend then hey why not ask if things need to be safer to let these athletes ride at 100%,i havent put the time into being able to give an opinion but hearing different ideas is a great way to start...or are you only going to watch it if there is a body count?
  12. hitman hart

    xr600r woes

    the oil was just because the electrosport muppets had more holes than wires in the grommet,also the grommet looked porous with oil seeping through
  13. hitman hart

    xr600r woes

    ugh yes i have an update...started the 1400km ride and it was going well untill i lost my gps at about 150km,couldnt find it so had to move on,after 240km started to get into some technical loose rocky stuff going up a mountain and it died.....no spark,thanks for coming...got it down to a nicer area then walked out 2.5 hrs to the nearest road,got a lift back to the nearest town. had someone come and get me and take me back to the start of the ride where i had left my truck only to realise i had left my keys in the other town....got into my truck ok then in the morning hotwired it and smashed out the ignition barrell for the steering lock. drove in to where i had left the bike (4wd) and it wasnt there,as i was turning the truck around i looked over the bank and someone had put the bike down the bank....(they were running a mob of sheep thru so must of thought that was a great idea)as you all know pigs with acerbis 21ltr tanks are heavy so i spent the next 20min dragging it sideways up the bank to the top,just in time for the sheep to come through anyway...... not really feeling the love at the moment,old stator is away getting rewound.......
  14. hitman hart

    Impressions of the KDX200

    we raced these in the 90s when the 95 model came out,so versatile! hot set up was fmf pipe with pro circuit muffler,rad valve,play with spacers in the reed block and pipe and just ride!fun,cheapish,and the crap steel footpegs,kickstarter etc were easy to get welded up and filed back when they slogged out can only imagine how well a modern electric start 250/300 kawasaki 2t would go!they got it pretty good in 95-thru till they discontinued it,probably do ok this time,would be hard to match the euros tho
  15. hitman hart

    xr600r woes

    yep it starts ok now still not 100% but im just going to go out and give it the jandal..(give it death)and see what happens!