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  1. my ones were tough as hell on my wrf,took a beating and survived hits that would have destroyed stock radiators,peeled the alloy off the side once and still rode 3 days no leaks,got it welded it back up when i got home....
  2. supercross

    aaah didnt ayrton senna die on an unsafe race track?injuries will happen but if there is a consistant trend then hey why not ask if things need to be safer to let these athletes ride at 100%,i havent put the time into being able to give an opinion but hearing different ideas is a great way to start...or are you only going to watch it if there is a body count?
  3. the oil was just because the electrosport muppets had more holes than wires in the grommet,also the grommet looked porous with oil seeping through
  4. ugh yes i have an update...started the 1400km ride and it was going well untill i lost my gps at about 150km,couldnt find it so had to move on,after 240km started to get into some technical loose rocky stuff going up a mountain and it died.....no spark,thanks for coming...got it down to a nicer area then walked out 2.5 hrs to the nearest road,got a lift back to the nearest town. had someone come and get me and take me back to the start of the ride where i had left my truck only to realise i had left my keys in the other town....got into my truck ok then in the morning hotwired it and smashed out the ignition barrell for the steering lock. drove in to where i had left the bike (4wd) and it wasnt there,as i was turning the truck around i looked over the bank and someone had put the bike down the bank....(they were running a mob of sheep thru so must of thought that was a great idea)as you all know pigs with acerbis 21ltr tanks are heavy so i spent the next 20min dragging it sideways up the bank to the top,just in time for the sheep to come through anyway...... not really feeling the love at the moment,old stator is away getting rewound.......
  5. we raced these in the 90s when the 95 model came out,so versatile! hot set up was fmf pipe with pro circuit muffler,rad valve,play with spacers in the reed block and pipe and just ride!fun,cheapish,and the crap steel footpegs,kickstarter etc were easy to get welded up and filed back when they slogged out can only imagine how well a modern electric start 250/300 kawasaki 2t would go!they got it pretty good in 95-thru till they discontinued it,probably do ok this time,would be hard to match the euros tho
  6. yep it starts ok now still not 100% but im just going to go out and give it the jandal..(give it death)and see what happens!
  7. i have a 3 day ride coming up and didnt like my chances of getting another one in time so have kept persevering with this one,i wondered why oil was literally being pumped out of the rubber grommet and found it had extra holes in it with no wires going through!!!!also seemed to be porous with oil weeping thru as well...lots of silicone to plug up holes and stop oil getting to the back of the grommet,. classy piece of work this one
  8. stator damaged from factory,as the packaging and plastic bag it came in was untouched,it had obviously been dropped and had peeled some of the top post back and up. 2,screw holding earth strap to close to the edge meaning i couldnt bolt it down to the flange had to take it back to auto rewinders they had to reposition it and tidy up other wires. 3 drill out all the crap that was in a bolt hole so i could now actually bolt it onto stator cover 4 rubber grommet where wires go thru case was way to big,wouldnt physically fit,trimmed the back down to fit in, 5 rubber grommet leaked like crazy so re siliconed +more
  9. but wait there is even more!!!!yes the gift that keeps on giving!!after having spent another $100 on getting things right i put the stator in,it started but ran really weirdly then i noticed it was spewing oil out of the stator wire grommet area,so shut down ,dissasemble,clean,refill with silicone,leave over night...and the same thing the next daytook off the sprocket cover and found that the oil is actually being pumped out around the stator wires plus the grommet is porous letting oil stream out thru the middle of it.... you would almost think that this has been deliberately sabotaged by someone in the factory as it seems hard to believe they could get so much wrong for something that is supposedly plug and play,i have a video i will put up once i figure out how to.....went for a ride with oil streaming out,new cdi,reg rec,and stator hasnt fixed the initial problem tho.....
  10. yep probably,whatever you do DO NOT buy an electrosports stator,under any circumstances!!!!dont be me.....
  11. a question for you all,has anyone grafted a crf450x rear wheel onto there xr600r?i have a crf450r front end and at the moment there is a really good deal in nz for wheel assemblies, my front will fit all good just wondering if anyone has gone there with there bike? thanks!
  12. sooooo about the new stator.............i poured over the internet trying to get the best deal and once again oemcycles came shining thru!!i have brought quite a lot of stuff off them and they are brilliant to deal with and the best deals by far.......however,i brought there last electrosport stator and as soon as i opened it i saw it was damaged..not thru postage as the boxes were unmarked and the plastic bag it came in was also unmarked so it had happened at the factory.....i took it to a local rewinder (who i didnt know existed till after i brought the stator),he touched it up and checked it and said it should be sweet,took it home and went to install it would you believe they had drilled the earth screw too close to the edge and it wouldnt fit on the flange!!!! i have a 3 day 1400km gps navigation ride coming up in a few weeks up in our amazing high country and i am fast running out of time,so at the moment we have all the stators (and a mates ktm one )at the rewinders to see if i can get something usable. by no means is this a criticisim of oemcycles,as soon as they have heard of my problems they said no worries return it for a full refund,i am very much stuck tho and need to make it work for what is going to be the ride of the decade my suggestion is DO NOT buy electrosport products,obviously they have no quality control and cant even get a model specific stator right,and thats just the instilation,dont even know if it works yet! as always,have nice day
  13. good stuff!the sign of a true man is being willing and able to accept when you have made a mistake and make it right,double thumbs up!!
  14. i have been running one of these 3d carb adapters for over a year now with no problems i siliconed it in and it was already a firm fit,old mate kindly threw in some of the brake hose clamps as well which worked great,i have since replaced them with crf250l red alloy ones (and red anodised snail cam adjusters)from aliexpress. but i can give a double thumbs up to the carb adapter!!
  15. woke up early with one word on my mind,stator,went out and checked and its cactus..,dont know if thats been the main problem all along and it didnt show last time we tested it or just a continuation of the symptoms.. we will find out when the new one arrives...