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  1. I was asking because I thought with this combo I might completely loose the top but I really like torque. JohnnyG is your top end really flat?
  2. Just wondering. I am running a pc nature f. now. I thought the shorty might deliver a little more grunt for tight stuff.
  3. srhines67

    YZ 250 Stock tank...How Far?

    I regularly get around 50 miles riding desert with a little to spare. With an 80 oz reserve that fits in my pack I can go 65 miles easily. If I had to guess I would say 60 - 65 miles with good jetting.
  4. srhines67

    CRF230 or TTR230 ????

    Bought the CRF. Thread is alive:busted:
  5. Any help or experiences would be apprciated.
  6. srhines67

    Bought the Wrong Spring - Too much preload?

    Is a 5.6 really the correct spring for 230 lbs? Would that give you a soft ride in roots and rocks?
  7. srhines67

    Bought the Wrong Spring - Too much preload?

    Hey, how's it going. Good to hear from you. I'm at 230 with gear on. I guess I need to bump it up to a 5.2. I bought the Race Tech Spring through Scott. He did a revalve for me recently. I will give you a call Monday. S
  8. srhines67

    sacramento riders

    Where is Salmon Falls?
  9. srhines67

    Bought the Wrong Spring - Too much preload?

    I guess I can call race tech.
  10. I hate wasting money. I just bought a 5.0 Race Tech spring for my 02 yz and found that the free sag was only 15 mm with my fat butt on the bike at 100mm race sag. It also seemed to be harsh on the small stuff. I guess that was due to having too much preload. Too much to eat I guess. Oh well, time for a 5.2 and another $100 bucks down the drain.
  11. I expected an engine that breathed better and didn't sound like it needed an asthma inhaler. I think I achieved that. It will never overcome the fact that it's a 230 though. I could climb a sandy wall on my brothers KTM 525. There's no replacement for displacement.
  12. srhines67

    Pipe guard that doesn't wear a plated finish

    I know. What would be nice would be a guard with rub points that were made of a high temp plastic or something that wouldn't melt or rust. But, wish in one hand and pee in the other...
  13. srhines67

    Removing rust from Gnarly Pipe

    I"m into easy. That sounds great.
  14. I just finished rejetting my 06. I followed coeshow's recommendations and used an 05 stock needle and 48/120 jets. The difference is well worth the 30 bucks in parts and an hour in the garage. It really runs out well now. It runs like it was meant to. I still have a little low end tuning to do but the mid and top are really nice now.
  15. It appears that no one has invented this yet. Even the expensive guards need band clamps that rust and leave marks on the pipe. Does anyone have the magic solution here. Thx.