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  1. livetofishak

    Whats with the huge mud flap?

    His looks pretty good but is still way out there. I mounted mine forward about 10 inches on the 2 bolt holes that became when I took of the mud flap. It kinda tucks it up in there out of sight better, angled it back too. Just gotta get the light rigged back up and will be ready to rip!!!!!
  2. livetofishak

    Help..anybody make a plastic tank for 2002 dr 650?

    thanks alot, I wondered if ims made one. You never see them in the catalogs, so I guess you have to go right to the source. Thanks alot, Im also looking for new plastics, the yellow's gotta go, I would like to get black, any ideas? Meyer? UFO?
  3. livetofishak

    Whats with the huge mud flap?

    Does anybody have any ideas or pics of mods done to get rid of the ugly mud flap on the rear and remounting the license plate, have some ideas but I am sure its been done before. This site is great and a real help solving the neverending problems, thanks.
  4. Heve been looking for a plastic tank (oversized) for my bike, 2002 dr 650, I gotta get rid of the metal one, is there a company out there that makes one?
  5. livetofishak

    DR 650 Exhausts

    Just put a FMF Q pipe on mine, dont have anything to compare it to besides the stock pipe but it made a big diference in power and sounds good also, not to loud but still thumps.
  6. livetofishak

    Handlebar risers

    I just got a set of Rox handlebar risers for my yfz 450 and am very happy. They come in different lengths and bar sizes. They are fully adjustable front and back. I would definetely recomend them. Check out www.roxspeedfx.com.