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  1. marcas

    Oil seal went again?

    I had the same problem on an 05 ,we used a latter year oem seal and put some red lock-tite around the outer edge (small amount) and it seemed to solve the problem. When it was time to replace the crank and all the seals and bearings I did the same thing, I dont know if that was the fix or just better seals ,but I am still running that bike,and it has alot of hours on it.
  2. marcas

    cracked spark plug cap

    The same responce I seemed to find every where,untill I talked to a mechanic this weekend at a scramble and he had 3 cases that this has happened on and said it was by design. I would also like to add my 2 cents and put in a good word for Mobil 1 mx4t as that I feel keep that motor together.Right side EX.closed 2 thous. thats it, as it ran great this weekend. Never done learnin about these 4 strkes are we?
  3. marcas

    cracked spark plug cap

    just wondering if anyone has had a problem with a cracked spark plug cap. as yesterday in a hare scramble the radiator hose blew and pumped out ,motor overheated as it should and would not start all normal untill we took apart and found the cap had expanded if this is by design it is great thinking to prevent further damage. if not just dumb luck
  4. marcas

    Tranny and Engine Oil???

    have had good results running amsoil in trans side but was wondering if their is a break in period before running sinthetic oil in motor side
  5. marcas

    hare scramble woods courtesy

    thanks fo r all the input as I do not want to slow the faster riders up great fourum
  6. I am entering my first hare scramble race and was woundering if any body can tell me if I should pull over when a faster rider is behind or just hold my line and point. thanks and all the other faster riders will thank you too.