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  1. Johnboy222

    "The Mighty KX 500"

    Why don´t you put the 500 in the 250 frame then sell all the parts left over:thumbsup:
  2. I´ve been thinking about selling my 98 XR 600 and getting an 07 or 08 TE610. I did a search and found this thread that shows different colour plastics from Japan but only for the 450,510 etc. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=683134&highlight=blue+plastics Does anybody know where I could get the blue plastic tank and radiator covers from or all black plastics? I like the blue and yellow bikes and wonder if the blue tank plastics from an 05/06 TE610 bike would fit an 07/08 Thanks
  3. Johnboy222

    Another XR650R SM hobby project...

    That's beautiful One of the best XR650R's I've seen. Looks a lot nicer with the black plastics than red. The mix of black, red and white is perfect.
  4. Johnboy222

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Just fitted IMS 4.9 gallon tank. Before with tank cover; After; This is what I´m going to fit tomorrow; The gearchange looks like this at the moment;
  5. Johnboy222

    Nicely modded DRZ400

    What bub is in the MMX headlight Wilmo? I'm looking for a new headlight and want one with a H4 bulb so I can get a brighter bulb 80/100 for example. The 35w that I have in my headlight at the moment is rubbish. Great looking bike by the way. Thanks John
  6. Johnboy222

    XR 600 front wheel bearings?

    Thanks for the quick replies guys. Going to look into ordering 2 bearings now
  7. Johnboy222

    XR 600 front wheel bearings?

    Can anybody tell me the size of the front wheel bearings for a 98 XR600R? I need to know the outside dia and the thickness. The inside diameter is 17mm and I'm starting to fit my USD forks and the front wheel spindle is 20mm. I would take the wheel off and remove the bearings, but I'm using the bike everyday now and will order the bearings when I find out the size. There's a couple of threads that have wheel bearing sizes but it was for the rear wheel differences between 650L & 650R but not for the front. I'd rather buy new bearings than buy a CR front wheel. Do the CR's have the same ext dia and thickness bearings as the XR, for example? Thanks John
  8. Johnboy222

    CRF forks on an XR???

    Finally got around to starting the USD fork swap on my 1998 XR600R. I´ve been reading all of the posts on the conversion, the 650´s aswell. Can somebody tell me how did you press the stems out. Did you heat the clamp and stem first, or will they just press out? Thanks in advance
  9. 2 1998 Aprilia SR Rossi Replica scooter; 70cc polini evo motor 21mm Dellorto carb Carbon reeds Malossi variator And loads of other parts; 1998 XR 600R In dirt mode; Supermoto mode, with Honda CBR 600 F3 wheels;
  10. Johnboy222

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Love your DRZ Thor13. Best looking 1 I´ve seen, really smooth. Here´s my ´98 XR 600 with F3 wheels.
  11. Johnboy222

    To Whoever Booby Trapped A Trail By Fremont Peak

    It doesn´t only happen in the USA either. I live in Spain now and there have been a couple of incidents where people have been killed!! One was a young father of 2, out for a sunday morning blast and some w***er had put a rope across a trail at head height, you can guess the rest. There was a memorial service for him where the mayor of the town turned up and everything. The magazines are doing write ups every month about this sort of thing and even the authorities are doing their best to help out as well, which is great. There are some tracks that you´re not allowed to ride on and they´re trying to close more, just like in every country. If everybody starts to police there own trails and like one guy said, take details of anything or anybody that looks a bit suspicious, it will encourage the authorities to help more as well. The best one would be catching the person putting tacks down, giving him a good beating then phoning for an ambulance, only for the ambulance to arrive, puncture it´s tyres on the tacks that he´s just laid and can´t get to him.
  12. Johnboy222

    WR450 for commuting?

    1.25GBP/litre is 2.465 USD/litre or 1.580 Euros for me in Spain:thumbsdn: I´ve been reading this thread because I´m thinking of buying an 08 WR450, I have a 1998 XR600 R now but want a change for winter. The honda´s great on the road just too heavy off road, will be using it on road during the week and in the mountains at the weekend.
  13. Johnboy222

    My road assault vehicle is ready :)

    Hi Carlos Is the bicycle computer that you have on your bike, with a wire or wireless? I want to get one for mine and have been looking at the wireless ones, just wondering if it´s easy to install the sensor if it has a wire and is the wire long enough? I prefer the smaller bike computers than a Trailtech Vapour. Great looking bike, I posted in Supermotojunkie aswell.
  14. Johnboy222

    Used parts on E-bay UNREAL RESULTS

    Not going to get anything from a foreigner, they only ship to 49 states, would maybe get double otherwise!!