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  1. EF326

    SW wed/thurs night anyone?

    come out to GS it will be a nice cool day!!!!
  2. EF326

    G'Stone Wed morning 7/29

    i will be there on my 125 with # 326 - trying to get my ass in shape for a trip to southwick in a few weeks ...
  3. EF326

    Hands on suspension 101

    Randy - i will be going to GS wednesday AM, not sure it that will fit but if will be real cool...
  4. EF326

    Looks cooler, anyone want to hit GS Wed?

    I didnt know GS was open during the week, is this a one time deal? I had a few months off some broken bones and need to get back up to speed once i get a crank replaced... I used to live in MMR off of raintree drive, now live by dynamite and alma school..
  5. EF326

    Hands on suspension 101

    Having raced pro back in the day and having using Randy’s suspension mods for my 450’s over the years I never messed with my suspension from a valving perspective. I bought this used 2006 CR125 which was in rough shape and thought it would be a good opportunity to see what Randy’s hands on class was all about, let me say it was really a eye opener… Randy really helped get me to a baseline from a valving standpoint, I can’t believe how many valve stacks there are and if you remove this stack it will result in this kind of progression through the travel… For example the 125 felt like it almost had 3 phase system out of the box and instead of a smooth transition through the whole stroke it would feel notchy. What Randy advised me to do was re-valve the forks and shock to make a nice smooth transition through the stroke. In my opinion re-valving is a form of art and experience knowing exactly what to change; Randy really knows his stuff.. Well after re-valving the Forks and Shock and saving me a ton of money I finally got to try the bike out and must admit the 125 works awesome, a nice smooth transition through the whole stroke. Another added benefit from the hands on class is you get to see exactly what changes took place. This is well worth the time and highly recommend the hands on class!!!
  6. EF326

    KLX 110 Wont Start

    I have a 07 KLX 110 that will easily start when cold but since it has warmed up here in AZ it will not start when hot so we wait for it to cool down and will start right up.. Any ideas?