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  1. deanoaz

    New stock dr 650 mod recomendations

    I dumped my DR650SE in the desert about 6 weeks ago and the experience caused me to add a rope about 12 feet long to my gear. I fell going a round a corner in a wash with fine loose sand\gravel. The bike ended up on it side with its left handle bar end buried in the gravel, tires up on a berm and gas leaking out of the oversize tank like crazy. Afraid it would catch on fire. I got up, grabbed the bike and tried to lift it. It is a heavy beast and my back let go in the process. I dropped the bike, on my foot. I took off my helmet and jacket and gloves (it was over 100 degrees) and went looking for help (I didn't go very far with my back hurting like hell). I finally managed to flag down a kid on a dirt bike and he helped me pick it up. It wouldn't run and he said he would try to get me some help and left. I took out the plugs and checked them and ran the starter to clear it out, but when I put it back together it still didn't want to start. Finally another kid (probably sent by the first one) came by on a dirt bike tried to help. It still won't start so he went to get something to try towing me with. He went back to his camp and came back with two tie downs, the buckle kind. We tied them together and he towed me out of the sand trap and to harder ground, but it was tough going. At the first sight of other people he stopped, unhooked, and said 'This is sketchy Bro.' and took off. I ended up pushing the bike about a mile to shade. Then, after resting until dusk, I tried starting it again, this time with the choke on full. After spinning for a while I heard a new pitch to the sound. I went back to my normal start routine, no choke, and a blip of the throttle, and it started. I rode it home, bent out of shape as it was, and parked it for a month. I survived because I had water and because I found some help. I figure with a rope I could have tied onto one tire at a time and dragged the bike into a position where I could have picked it up by myself, and if I or someone else needed to be towed the rope would work for that too. I've got the bike back in shape and am riding it again, which is great. I hope I don't have to go through too many more such learning experiences.
  2. deanoaz

    DR or XRL for Phoenix heat

    I have had an 06 DR650SE since July 07 and I love it for Arizona riding. I looked hard at the XRL before I got my bike but it seemed too tall and felt ungainly. I ended up getting a slightly used DR650 that had the lowering already done and a nice heavy duty bash plate. I think that's a great setup, since the lowered bike is easy to get on and off of and feels much easier to handle, but when I whack into some rocks because of the reduced ground clearance it doesn't hurt anything with the bash plate in place.
  3. deanoaz

    Post Pics Of Your SportBikes...

    I saw this Saturday outside a cycle shop. It wasn't for sale, just parked outside. I'm kind of disappointed. I would have thought that John Deere would have brought out a dual sport first.
  4. deanoaz

    Dr350 questions

    Some of this sounds kind of normal. My '97 seemed very high geared to me when I got it, although it was stock. The clutch would seem to drag, but that's because it's a wet plate clutch and they don't fully release until warmed up. It would become hard to get into neutral after it was fully warmed up too. But, hard to start and hard to keep running probably means it needs carb work.
  5. deanoaz

    New sproket for 01 dr650se

    I changed mine to 14T front and 45T rear (I went up 2 teeth on rear, I think that makes it 45?) Anyway I like it a lot better offroad and street. I have no tach so I don't know how fast it is spinning the motor at highway speeds, but it will still run with traffic on the freeway.
  6. deanoaz

    Dr650 se Good bike ???

    I think you made a good choice, but either way you were going to be fine. I had a DR350 and got my DR650 six months ago. I loved the DR350 on the street and on the trail, but since I don't haul my bike to the trail, I wanted something that I could ride on highways too. The DR650 fills the bill very nicely. I've been very slow to try riding it on the kind of offroad trails I used to ride my DR350 on because of the extra weight and size of the DR650, but the more I do it the more I think that if I were a good enough rider I could do just about as well on it. You do need to carry more momentum in soft stuff though, or the weight will stop you dead and it's hard to get going again.
  7. deanoaz

    How to Lighten Up a DR650?

    I lightened my bike by 40 pounds and it works much better offroad now. I used the Nutrisystem method.
  8. My Avatar is Stanley H. Tweedle. Captain of the LEXX and described by Wikipedia as: 'petulant, cowardly, short-sighted, quick-tempered, weak-willed, perverted and a perpetual under-achiever... exactly the absolutely wrong person to be in charge of the most powerful weapon in the two universes.' I think of my DR-650 as my own personal LEXX.. sort of.
  9. deanoaz

    Your other ride..

    I've had this for over 10 years.
  10. I originally thought it might be, but as others have mentioned, you can see KAWA on the tank if you look closely for it.
  11. I am sorry. I have deleted the picture showing him. I was misinformed that he had survived.
  12. A friend sent me an email with some pics of a bike crash scene (rider is said to have survived). What I wonder is what bike is this:
  13. deanoaz

    DR650 Service Manual

    This link should be good for about 30 days. After that it could be redone if someone needs it. You have to wait for a 30 second countdown after the first page loads, then click the Download Link. It failed when I tested it with Internet Explorer, but worked fine when I tested it with Firefox. YMMV. http://files-upload.com/files/639219/DR650-servicemanual.zip
  14. deanoaz

    IMS/Corbin interface

    IMS tank without seat installed: Bottom of Corbin seat showing bracket that sticks under bottom edge of tank and rubber bumper that goes against metal bracket on upper side of tank: Side view of seat in place against tank:
  15. deanoaz

    IMS/Corbin interface

    My '06 came with a Corbin and IMS setup. If you want I can take pictures of how they fit together. It works very well so far for me.