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    Lever Rattle

    Sometimes the lever's fit into the mounting slot is just too sloppy loose, and tightening only squeezes (and eventually cracks) the bar part of the mount, and binds things up. If so, try some thin shim stock, with a pivot-bolt-diameter hole in it, between the flat 'blade' of the lever (the part with the pivot hole in it) and the bar mount. Try some brass shim stock, available at any hobby store, or even beer can aluminum-it's free, and easy to cut even with a scissors. It's a pain to slide it in with the lever and make the hole match up, but it sure smoothed out an old Yamaha street bike years ago.
  2. olddognewtrks

    DRZ400 SM Tires

    So far as I know, the new Triumph Bonnevilles and Thruxtons run the latest tubeless tires with tubes. Shouldn't be a problem.
  3. olddognewtrks

    help!! Similar problem with fuel in cylinder

    Don't have a solution for your huge fuel leak, but when it's fixed, change out all the oil before you run it. It's probably gas-diluted to about 3w-10 weight. Good luck.