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  1. turboglenn

    Breather Kit loosing oil???

    it relieves head pressure allowing the motor to spin more freely is it a noticble difference? not at all.. IMO it's not worth it, not a notcible difference, makes a mess if you dump your bike, and gets dirt inside your motor unless you run a filter to it.
  2. turboglenn

    What front sprocket?

    if your looking to stunt, stock gearing is perfectly fine. If you really want to change it, go down 1 in front But really, it's all about balance, stock is perfectly fine. Having shorter gearing will make it harder to keep it up long if your chasing rev limiter
  3. turboglenn

    xr 200/cr 85 conversion

    I'm doing one of these for a friend and the one issue i'm starting to see pop up now that the frame is done is that the tank doesn't want to fit down over the head... How easy was teh 150 tank to get to fit?
  4. turboglenn

    How does your stock 50 shift?

    hmmmm.. doesn't sound right to me... ishe letting off the gas when shifting> also the clutch just might need adjusted ( simple to do ) but i doubt there's anythign seriosly wrong with it also the "jerk" you're talking abotu usually occurs when there's too much slack in the chain..... how many hours are on the bike? it may still be rbeaking it and in that case i'd still double check chain slack and clutch adjustment
  5. oop, yea, that was me posting under towl's account by accident.. still a great looking bike either way. I wish mine was that clean and blingin' love the suicide shifter as well
  6. turboglenn

    superhead+R 88cc valve clearance

    .003 intake and .004 exhaust should get you in the ballpark.. not sure on teh superheads specs but that would be a safe place to run them ( or just set them both at .004 to be a make it simple )
  7. turboglenn

    20mm carb base settings

    stock pilot jet and for a 70cc motor i would start with an 85 main. maybe an 82 at the smallest, and no bigger than an 89 for that motor at sea level with some other mods like a pipe
  8. turboglenn

    TB piston Rings Help

    black in the middle, silver on top..make sure hte lettering faces upwards when installed. check back if you need any more help
  9. turboglenn

    Which Sprocket?

    PM me and remind me to get back to you on the details tomorrow.. i'm too drunk right now and am going to bed.
  10. turboglenn

    new carb for the fiddy

    go to dratv.com and order teh 20mm sheng-wey carb for 25 bucks..a 20mm is perfect for an 88 kit ( race head or not ) a 26 is way too big and will just rob you of everything except the very top of the power range... and the 18mm carbs are just a bitch to tune and keep tunes, they constantly need adjusted for weather changes
  11. turboglenn

    Is a TB super head big bore kit LOUD

    weird that your guy's bikes got louder with the race head.. i had a stage II ( stock head ) 88 kit on mine and when i upgraded to the race head i could barely tell any difference in sound, but a huge difference in power mid through top end
  12. Are you sure thats the law? Im not from MN so im not sure, but in missouri to be considered moped and be legal without plates and insurace, it MUST NOT have a shifter, must have headlights/horn, can't go voer 25mph, and can't have more then 2.5 brake horse power.. again this is Towlieee on Glenns pc
  13. Better be carful All it takes is that one cop that enforces the law, and you catch insurance, registration, as well as any other tickets the cop can come up with..
  14. turboglenn

    XR100 Mini Moto Stuntard Build...

    sweet, the bike looks pimpin! I definitely like it a lot better with that 16" front wheel, my friends with a stock wheel is fugly btw this is Towlieee posting on glenns pc
  15. turboglenn

    Which Sprocket?

    that motor should work jsut fine.... if it's a little low on power when you get it, it's because teh stock pistons in ALL lifans are low compression.. a simple piston swap will really wake the motor up...then throw a cam in it and you'll be hauling some serious a$$ !!!!!!!!!! let us know what you get and how it turns out