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  1. tjon

    Engine fades out on hard climbs

    So he's going to post in the CRF230f forum if he has a Kawasaki 150? Why do you always have to be such a dick?
  2. It's obvious that my engines have issues. The fact that adding the oil drove up the compression significantly points to ring issues, correct? I don't have a leakdown tester. If there was significant leakage would I be able to pinpoint the location by pressurizing the cylinder to 100 PSI and listening for leaks? If it's bad enough to fail a proper leakdown test I should be able to hear hissing in either the intake, exhaust or dipstick hole, correct? Has anybody else tried this?
  3. I have a 2007 and a 2014 CRF230F and both have low compression. I poured a partial tablespoon into the cylinder and repeated the tests and the compression increased by 30 PSI on both bikes. There were around 145 PSI without the added oil. How common is a top end refresh required of these bikes? My past experience with Japanese bikes has been awesome: they just go and go with regular oil changes. I'd estimate 35- 40 hours of trail riding per year on them. Neither of them has been abused and I 'm surprised, disappointed actually, that this is required. How long are you guys getting? Is this normal?
  4. Looks like my 2014 CRF230F will need new rings. I called the dealer's parts counter to check availability and the topic of oversized pistons came up. He said that Honda doesn't sell oversize for this bike because the cylinder is Nikasil. However I've seen comments on TT that there is no coating. Does anybody know for sure if my 2014 cylinder is Nikasil?
  5. I've seen too many Helicoils fail. If there's any way, I'd rather drill and tap.
  6. tjon

    CRF230F pilot screw adjust

    This is my 2007 with an adjustable screw. It's terrible. I modified our 2014 when I powered up by removing the screw and cutting a slot with a dremel tool, as somebody suggested. But the 2007 is giving me fits because the head of the screw is in the open and the screwdriver wants to slip off. At least the modified 2014's screw is recessed and that helps keep the screwdriver in place. I like the idea about slipping some tubing over it and turning it from the side. I'll give that a try. Thanks for the suggestions.
  7. Guys I want to check the pilot screw adjustment on my 2007 CRF230F but I'm having a heck of a time reaching it. By the time the engine warms up the exhaust is so hot that I can't put my hand near it. How do you reach the screw?
  8. I was gonna replace the headlight in my 1982 XL185 until my dealer told me that it cost $71! Does anybody know of a cheaper aftermarket replacement? It's 6 volts.
  9. I have a 1986 TT225 with a Teikei carb. It's always seemed to run a little rich so I tried adjusting the fuel screw. However when I screw it ALL the way in the throttle increases and it seems to run best. So then I bought a new, smaller pilot jet ( the original is #42 so I tried a #35) and it's the same thing (runs best when the fuel screw is all the way in and it starts running rich as it's turned out). The only jet I could get for this teikei carb was aftermarket and I'm wondering if it's really a #35, even though that's what is stamped on it. Or is it possible that something else is worn maybe? Any suggestions please?
  10. tjon

    1986 TT225 jet help

    Yes, I tried the screw but no difference so thats why i suspect that the pilot is too big. Ive seen some mention that some Keihin and maybe Mikuni jets will fit this carb so I was hoping somebody had already tried it and had the part #. In the meantime, maybe #38 pilot (part #30X-14342-19-00) might work. If I can't find anything definite maybe I'll try that. Thanks.
  11. I have a 1986 Yamaha TT225. It seems to be running a little rich at small throttle openings. I tried adjusting the fuel needle but it makes no difference so i suspect that the pilot jet is a little too big. The bike has a Teikei Y26P carb with a #42 pilot jet and I'm having a hard time finding a smaller pilot jet to fit. Does anybody know where I can get pilot jets to fit? Or any cross reference #s from Mikuni or keihin? Thanks in advance.
  12. tjon

    TTR 250 won't idle with choke off

    The best insurarance is to add Stabil to the gas before you put it away. Then no problems the next season.
  13. tjon

    1986 TT225 ignition problem

    I need a schematic diagram showing wire colors and connections, etc. The Bike Bandit site only lists parts diagrams. Good try. Anybody else?
  14. I'm having ignition problems with my 1986 TT225 and would like to check the coils, etc. Would anybody have a wiring diagram or specs that I could use to verify? I'm most interested in the wiring to the CDI box. Thanks.
  15. tjon

    1986 TT225 ignition problem

    I'm having ignition problems with my 1986 TT225 and would like to check the coils, etc. Would anybody have a wiring diagram or specs that I could use to verify? I'm most interested in the wiring to the CDI box. Thanks.