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  1. We're live! Search "Hangtown Ernesto Fonseca Auction." RC, Stewart, Windham, Short, Reed, Milsaps, Fonseca, and more.
  2. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Pat Schutte, HPPR (734) 369-2170 / pat@highprofilepr.com Dirt Diggers North M.C. Ramps Up Ernesto Fonseca Auction On Ebay A virtual smorgasbord of unreal items await motocross fans with 100-percent of the proceeds going to "Ernie" PRAIRIE CITY, Calif., (June 7, 2006) – The Dirt Diggers North Motorcycle Club (DDNMC), producers and promoters of the recent 38th annual Honda Hangtown Classic, announced today the items available for the ebay auction to be held for injured rider Ernesto Fonseca. The Hangtown Fonseca Benefit Auction, which begins Wednesday, June 14th on ebay (Keywords: Hangtown Ernesto Fonseca Auction), features a superb list of donated items sure to fascinate motocross fans worldwide. “The intent was to auction all of these items off after the Hangtown Classic last month,” said DDNMC member David Harvey who’s spearheading the auction. “But with the rain and all we didn’t get the turnout we expected. So we auctioned off a few items and, along with some other items that have since been donated, we’re taking the benefit global on ebay.” Items to be auctioned by the DDNMC & Hangtown for Fonseca’s benefit include: Ricky Carmichael’s pants, jersey & boots Chad Reed’s pants, jersey & boots James Stewart’s “Jamestown” Fox pants & jersey Several signed Paul Buckley photographs (RC, Reed, Davi Millsaps & Fonseca) A complete Yoshimura Ti exhaust system A signed picture from MX legend Chuck Sun saying “Ernie Rules!” Hangtown ’06 calendar with Lites class podium signatures Various signed pants & jerseys (Windham, Deegan, Andrew Short, Millsaps) DDNMC “Keep Fighting” Fonseca banner flown over the Hangtown Classic DDNMC jersey signed by Bob “Hurricane” Hannah Signed skateboard decks from skate icon Steve Caballero All of this unreal swag will be leading up to the auction of Fonseca’s own Answer pants with the memorable “Fonzy” butt patch logo, a set of Fonseca’s Oakley goggles and a his No. 10 jersey worn during this year’s supercross series, his last set of Alpinestars Tech 8 boots and Shoei helmet worn during the Indianapolis Supercross. “All of the proceeds, along with Off-Road Outlets which sold Fonseca wrist bands at the Hangtown Classic, will go to help Ernie with whatever he needs,” said Harvey. “The Dirt Diggers North Motorcycle Club banded together and all helped out on this and we hope it brings a smile to Ernie’s face, and that he can come back to the 39th annual Honda Hangtown Classic next year to hang out with our great fans and watch the races.” The 38th annual Honda Hangtown Classic, presented by Dan Gamel RV and Off-Road Outlets, kicked off with the Hangtown Amateur Days and wound up another resounding success. For further information on Hangtown, the DDMCN and Ernesto Fonseca’s auction items, please check out www.hangtownmx.com For more information on the 39th annual Honda Hangtown Classic, contact HPPR’s Pat Schutte at (734) 369-2170 and pat@highprofilepr.com. ### Pat Schutte HPPR 429 Manor Ann Arbor, MI 48105 Office: (734) 369-2170 Cell: (248) 821-3380 AIM: WWShoots
  3. Troy did the hub turn down, mag coating, and rim anodizing for my '06 YZ450 and 250F. Sweet stuff.
  4. Oh, that's easy. I severely fractured my spine at T-4, had an 8 hour operation, spent 8 days in the neuro-trauma ICU, have 2 rods and 10 screws in my back, and won't ride again for one year. How's that??
  5. DBH

    new neck brace

    Maybe if I would have been wearing that, I wouldn't be sporting this:
  6. Here is my latest x-ray: And if you think this looks bad, imagine what James' spine looks like. Continue to help this kid out!
  7. I just got out of the hospital myself after a significant crash at the AMA Toyota Arenacross Series in Sacramento. I grenaded my spine at T-4 and had to have rods inserted from T-2 through T-7. It was an 8 hour operation. But I can walk, and I feel very, very lucky. Even with all of my problems, my brother and I and the Dirt Diggers North MC donated a Steve McQueen Troy Lee helmet to the auction for James. It raised over $500. Although I didn't suffer any paralysis, I was in intensive care for 8 days, and I can tell you that spinal injuries suck. I had a catheter inserted in me so I could pee, and other gross things that I can't mention here. I know James has endured much worse than my minor injury. So, write this guy a card or send a donation. You have no idea how much your single contribution will make. I'm sure James won't forget anyone who has helped him through this tough time. David
  8. DBH

    06 YZ450F Does it corner?

    I've had mine since early November, and with a 756 up front and raising the fork tubes a bit, it turns excellent. No complaints here at all. The suspension is worth spending the extra money on this bike.
  9. DBH

    Lets see them 250f's!

  10. DBH

    Buy a 250F or a 450F?

    I have both. The 250F is a great practice bike. You can ride 30 minute motos all day long. But it doesn't have the snap to do big obstacles out of corners. The 450F doesn't feel that much heavier, and will get great starts and jump everything. I'd say go with the 450F.
  11. DBH

    Any advice for my new 06 450?

    Issues and concerns? None. Just replace the front tire with a Dunlop 756, jet it, set the sag, and go ride. http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a72/dandt/CIMG0210.jpg Of course, you can do like me and powdercoat the wheels/hubs, and put on carbon fiber clutch cover, ASV levers/perches, carbon fiber frame guards, Boyesen water pump cover/impeller, Enzo racing subtanks, Tag sprockets, DID ERT chain, carbon fiber chain guide, Hammerhead billet shifter, Pro Tec billet kickstarter, etc.
  12. Best bike I've ever ridden. Throw away the front tire, set the sag, put a good chain/sprocket set on, and go win races. Regardless of what some of the magazines say, if you can't win on this bike, you couldn't win on any of them. It's smooth, it's fast, it feels light, and won't wear you down. And you won't be doing the valve adjustments on this one compared to other 450's.
  13. DBH

    Lets see some 450s

    http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a72/dandt/factory005.jpg http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a72/dandt/harveyest.jpg
  14. When we did sound testing at Red Bud during the national in '03, Ricky had one of the quietest bikes on the track, and we all know how fast he is. Fast is good, loud is a problem that will get all of our tracks and riding areas closed.
  15. DBH

    First 06 450 complaint

    Honda's idea of a sunroof: http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a72/dandt/IMG_7287.jpg