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  1. Thanks! That’s a National Cycle Deflector N2594 and you can see it here.
  2. ztsd

    gun rack?

    Wow! Looks good! Hey, how do you like the sweet cheeks? I love mine... The sadle bags are good for the money...
  3. I just send an email to Ron and asked for an update.
  4. ztsd

    Show your PIG

    Sorry for the slow post...Yeah, at least it’s easy to pick up and put in the truck... Do ya think it makes my ass look fat?
  5. ztsd

    BRP-decent dual sport?

    Sweet Cheeks
  6. ztsd

    gun rack?

    You may be able to get this to work... Cordura Scoped Rifle Scabbard
  7. ztsd

    Another XR650R Dualsport project!

    I’ve ditched the Dual Star mirrors. One broke and died on the highway. The mirrors got me by the safety inspection but proved useless on the highways. I’ve ordered a set of stainless steel mirrors and those fancy adaptors to mount mirrors on the clutch and brake clamp backing plates. Will review them and report. While I particularly like the look of the rear lights, the brake light is angled up too much and does not appear bright from the rear. Additionally, it sits to high for a luggage rack and with the stock stator uses too much current. I have ordered the Baja Designs LED unit that tucks under the fender, which may solve these problems but may not pass inspection next year. I’ll deal with that later. The Sweet Cheeks are a thumbs up so far. Much more comfortable and they don’t appear to hinder movement on the seat. The 16” width is over twice the width of the stock 7” seat and the extra support is incredible. The Acewell speedometer is so, so. Seems to work fine, but I’d rather have analog gauges for speed, tach and temperature. I don’t like fiddling with a button to page through multiple screens and diverting my attention from the road/trail when I could get all that info from a glance with analog. Digital is not always better. The Baja Designs baffle is very quiet and I like that. The tradeoff is power of course. I may go back to the straight HRC tip for a while and see how that goes... The reflectors are excellent! I highly recommend them. They are easy to apply, cheap and larger than factory reflectors that cost an arm and a leg. They are DOT so the safety inspection is a breeze and nice large reflectors rule at night. 3” Rubber Peg conversion is excellent for dualsporting but make sure you can revert back to steel pegs for muddy dirt riding, the rubber pegs are slippery in mud but oh so smooth on the road. The Kenda K270 tires are wearing in and feel better every time I ride. They felt squirrelly for the first several hundred miles. 15 psi seems to be good on the road and 8 psi makes them bite off road. The Protaper Pastrana FMX bend bars with the adaptors seem to be right on! I can stand easily and comfortably but I think the SUB triple clamp will give me a little more height and then they should be perfect. I also found a bar mount helmet lock and it’s great to have a secure mount for the helmet now rather than carry it around. This is a low cost but very handy gadget, love it! During the handlebar replacement I installed the windscreen higher and more vertical. This seems to create more buffeting on the highway. I’m getting a new helmet and will hold off making changes until I’ve tried the helmet for a while. I may also experiment with different angels on the windscreen to see the effect before I lower it. I love having a GPS onboard! I’m thoroughly spoiled and just don’t want to ride without one. I’m using an old eMap from Garmin. It’s small and rugged but lacks autorouting. My Streetpilot has spoiled me and I’ll probably look into upgrading for next year. The eMpa is difficult to operate with gloves on and very unsafe to fool with while riding. I think the Streetpilot would be easier to see and requires much less fiddling to use. I really need to work on the luggage situation. A backpack is handy, but not appropriate for me because it irritates the pacemaker in my chest. I’ll have to get my cheap luggage mounted soon to make the bike practical as a Dualsport machine. My XR650R had not been used much for a long time. I find it seems smoother and starts easier every time I ride it. I guess it just needed to be used more...
  8. I got the bars and mounted them with adaptors for now until the rubber mounted triple clamp is available. I love the Pastrana FMX bend and the extra ¾” from the adaptor. I can stand quite comfortably and the extra height with the new triple clamp should make them perfect. Can’t wait for the triple clamp...
  9. ztsd

    Handlebar vibration on 650L

    Yeah, you could try that. That’s not the same thing however. Sounds like you’re gonna fill the entire bar with birdshot. That would be heaver than the silicon center with the birdshot only at the ends and you may find it’s less effective, don’t know... Please post your results if ya do it!
  10. It’s not too late... Your in...
  11. Too late, the bars are on the way... I’ll see how they work out. I went with the tallest they had. I’m on the east coast and we usually go with narrower bars for woods riding... Smacking a tree with the bar can ruin your day... I did some research on the Flexx bars. Several people told me they are great for impacts but don’t do anything for vibration, which makes sense because they have one rigid mounting point on each side. My primary goal is to reduce handlebar and foot peg vibration as much as possible. I have already mounted some 3” rubber pegs off a big Honda touring bike and that worked VERY well. I only get vibration in the pegs when lugging the bike in low rpm with full throttle. Can’t feel any vibration under normal conditions. I cut the mounts off a set of donor stock pegs and welded them to the new rubber pegs. I also found a SS clevis pin clip to eliminate the cotter pin and that allows me to change the pegs back to stock in less than 60 seconds for muddy rides. I also plan to fill the bars with silicon caulk up to the last bend on each side then pour in lead birdshot with a final silicon caulk plug at the ends. I have heard this is an extremely effective vibration damper for the bars, add the rubber mounted bar clamps and I’ll have the best vibration dampening I can get. I also had the wheels balanced after I mounted the new rubber and this seems to be working great! My personal motto is: Anything worth doing is worth overdoing... Here's what the bike look like so far...