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  1. Tattooman

    250X issues?

    I've had no problems with mine at all. Just wish I had more time/better weather to ride it!
  2. Tattooman

    How many guys use the R for off road vs moto?

    I suggest you trade it in for an X! HEHE
  3. Tattooman

    1st post-yet another exhaust question!

    Yes I got a CHM "mrmagoo". Yeehaaaaaaaaaw!
  4. Hi, I've done some research but want some opinions from real people out there using these systems. I have a stock 250x and I do mostly tight woods and trail riding. (I live in Seattle area) I don't need tons of top end. Just looking for more power in low-mid range. From what I've read here I'm leaning toward Dr D. But I read a review of CHMs exhaust. How is the low end on that? I know it has lots of top end but I want something USABLE for my type of riding. Thanks for any help. (also opinions on any other exhausts are cool too)