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  1. RedRaider

    05 Dyno?

    Anyone have a dyno graph of an 05 rmz 250? Or maybe even an 06. I'm trying to get an idea off how much hp and torqe a stock or piped bike puts out. Trying to decide between an rmz 250 or an rm 250. And are the 05's as bad as the 04's were as far as being reliable? Thanks.
  2. RedRaider

    Better Deal

    Well the rmz is set up the way i want it already. I'm just not much of a honda guy anymore even though i have a 450r. And my 450r has alot of mods so i don't want to loose to much on a trade?
  3. RedRaider

    Better Deal

    Do you think the 250f wouldn't be enough for me? I figured the 450 would be a little hard to handle in the woods, i just assumed the 250 would have plenty of power. The only other bike i've owned was a cr250.
  4. RedRaider

    Better Deal

    Thinking of trading my 04 450r quad for either an 05 crf250 thats pretty much stock + $500, or an 04 rm-z250 with graphics, exhaust, excel wheels, handlebars, and some other stuff? Can't decide on which one i should get if any. Had a few offers for crf450's but i think i'd the like 250 better since i ride alot of trails. I'm 6'1 190 lbs.
  5. RedRaider

    crf250 or 450

    Whats the better overall choice for trails and some track riding? I'm about 6'2 and about 190 lbs. It seems as if most people prefer the 250f even though it has less power. Does anyone have a dyno graph of a stock crf250 or crf450? Thanks.
  6. RedRaider

    trade 450r quad for crf450 bike?

    Any other thoughts?
  7. I'm trying to deside if i should trade my 04 450r quad with mods for an 05 crf450 thats pretty much stock. I've only rode my 450r about 4 times in the last 2 years. i previously had an 03 cr250. While i had my bike i never hardly rode my quad. Just seeing what everyone thought, if it is a good trade.
  8. RedRaider

    Thoughts on 03 yz450f ?

    What kind of mods can you do to tame the power? I'm guessing maybe a flywheel weight but what else?
  9. How are the 03 yz450f's? As in how is the motor reliable? How many hp do they have stock? Do they have problems with the valves? i hear alot of 4-stroke riders complaning about the valves on their bikes. I have an 04 450r i'm thinking about trading for one.
  10. i'm trying to decide on which bike to go with. I'm looking at an 03 yz450f, an 03 yz250, and an 04 kx250f. My only previous dirtbike was an 03 cr250. I curently have an 04 450r which i'm going to sell or trade. I really like the yz450f. I'm 6-2" and 200 lbs. and i'm worried the 250f might feel a bit small or under powered. This is just a guess though since i've never rode one. I'll be riding both track and trails. It seems like more people i talk to say they have more fun on a 250f rather then the 450. I won't be racing or anything. Any thoughts?
  11. RedRaider

    yz 250f to small?

    how do you like the yz250 compared to the crf450? I was thinking about getting a 450 but everyone says they are heavy and hard to handle.
  12. RedRaider

    yz 250f to small?

    I'm trying to decide between a 06 yz250f, a 04 kx250f, or an 03 yz250. I'm just worried the 250f's will feel to small. I'm 6'2 and about 200 lbs. My previous bike was a cr250. I'm going to be riding both trails and mx.
  13. RedRaider

    subway graphics

    it's for an 03, not 05-06
  14. RedRaider

    subway graphics

    Anyone know where i can find the older style subway mx graphics for the 03-04 crf450?