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  1. Stock WR would be my vote. So choked up from the factory I'm surprised it can move itself. As you gain confidence you can mod the air-box, get a slip-on exhaust, re-jet and cut the grey wire on the CDI to turn it from mellow factory bike to monster when you're ready. Kevin
  2. kcaverly

    How about a 54whp WR250X?

    I don't even own a WR250 and I can't wait for more info on this. Heck, if it can be done to a 250, maybe with a few tweaks it could work for my WR450. Kevin
  3. Unless you're a big guy i would stay away from the big 600's for a first bike. I learned on a old XL175 and i understand you need more than that, but a 600 thumper is a big machine to learn on. The DRZ400 should be fine. I have a dual sport WR450 now that cruises fine at 100km/h (60mph) and the DRZ is definitely better on the road than the WR. As a first bike I wouldnt go any bigger than the 400. Kevin
  4. kcaverly

    250 wont start

    I know this is way late, but since this threads been revived I might as well give the solution. When I charged the battery after the winter I didn't disconnect it from the bike and it killed my CDI. Kevin
  5. kcaverly

    1st Dual sport ride

    I get about 120 miles to the tank street riding, so it depends on the mix of riding you've got. Kevin
  6. kcaverly

    Different carb for 250?

    ah, good point This is starting to get complicated and I think I'll KISS (keep it simple stupid) and just go with the stock one. Kevin
  7. kcaverly

    Different carb for 250?

    Well I see that the stock carb is a 30mm Teikei. Does that mean that a 30mm Mikuni VM would work for me? How is it different? Thanks Kevin
  8. kcaverly

    Different carb for 250?

    Well, I need a new carb for my 1999 ttr-250. I can buy one online for a bit over 300$, but I can get mikuni vm/tm/tmx series or keihin DG series for about half the price. Will one of these other carbs work for the bike? Will it improve performance, or be similar? Thank you, Kevin
  9. kcaverly

    HELP! Broke Carb body (ttr250)

    Well, I've taken it to the dealer and he's looking at it, but I'm still looking for other options. Kevin
  10. kcaverly

    HELP! Broke Carb body (ttr250)

    Well, tore my carb apart today to try and get it running a little better, went to pull the pin out to release the floats and the thing wouldnt come out. I pulled on it with a pair of pliers and managed to break both posts off that hold it there. ummmmmmm, thats no good. Is there some way I can fix this, or am I stuck buying a whole new carb body? If so, does anyone have one available? Or an idea of where to look for one? Thanks, Kevin
  11. kcaverly

    Starts when cold, then wont run or restart?

    sowy if the above post sucked, i am on drugs from the doctor, just got wisdoms pulled. Kevin
  12. kcaverly

    Starts when cold, then wont run or restart?

    it sounds like there is a restriction in the hose. turn the gas on with the hose on and see what kind of flow you get out of it. If there isnt much flow there's your problem Kevin
  13. kcaverly

    TTR 225/250 ......Newbie Question

    I am not sure why they are more expensive, but when I bent the front sprocket cover it was going to be 225$ for a new little metal thing, I wasnt going to pay that, i just hammered it flat and stuck it back on with a little new paint. My CDI box was 450$, i dont know how that compares, the guy at the dealer feels TTR parts are overpriced, but I dont have alot to compare it too. I believe Yamaha 4-stroke parts in general are felt to be more pricey, but I am not sure about that. Kevin
  14. kcaverly

    TTR 225/250 ......Newbie Question

    The TTR250 is a great bike, stock parts are well available, though expensive. All TTR parts are though. The 250 is much more bike than the 225, and it should not be any problem being that age. I have a dual-sport '99 TTR250 and it has many trouble free miles on it, the only issue i have had is my battery charger killed the CDI box (forgot to turn bike off while charging) I would definatly go for the 250, more of everything, and doesnt sound like its a huge price difference, (btw, which bike is more?) just out of interest, is it the blue north american model? or one of the white ones? Kevin
  15. kcaverly

    front sprocket change

    I'm assuming this is aa 250? I have the 14t on the front (1up) and it didnt make much difference at all, i would go to 15 if i did it again. Kevin