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  1. nate749

    buildin a motard out of an old xl600

    hell yeah man, i'm building up a old xl600 right now. I have one for parts and i'm gunna lace up a 17 rear rim to the stock front hub
  2. nate749

    450s overrated?

    yes, the 450's r that fast if u can handle the power ive been goin to the gym for 6 months just to get big enough and strong enough to throw my crf 450 around if not theyll throw u and trust me on a bike like that u want to be in control of it, when i first bought the bike i was like 150lbs., the bike was to much to handle and it scared the sh1t out of me, now im 185lbs. of muscle and i throw that thing around like my old 125, and i can ride the thing 3 times as fast........ i def think u should consider a 450 if ur dedicated enough u can handle the power with time and get better as u practice
  3. nate749

    Taming a 450R for the woods.

    ????????????REKLUSE???????????? You dont need that, waste of money in my opinion, thats y they put a clutch on the bike, get good using that and ull be set, i race a stock 450 in hare scrambles and love the tight technical stuff, the bike is great for it, everyone complains its too much power for the woods or the bike is too heavy, its olny like 15 more pounds than a 250, just practice and learn to work that clutch!!!
  4. I got my 450 set up for hare scrambles, mostly stock with a clarke tank, renthal sprockets, did chain, bark busters and cr high bend tag x5's, and a good clutch, the bike goes good through anything, tight woods, open straights, turns, i went with the crf450 cuz i think the bike is an allaround bike, hare scrambles, motocross, i even freestyle with it
  5. nate749

    Special tools to replace bearings?

    when i go to replace bearings i throw the part on a good piece of steel then get the closet sized socket and a good hammer and knock em out, place the new ones in and make sure ther seated right, then knock the new ones in with the same hammer and socket setup
  6. nate749

    Tool to remove outer clutch basket

    i just replaced my whole clutch, what i did is take a master lock padlock and loop it around the chain and sprocket, to keep the engine from turning over, just keep spinning the rear tire until the lock hits the chain guard or keeps the chain and sprocket from seperating, then u can take it out with a breaker bar, and put it in with a torque wrench
  7. Lancaster just outside of Buffalo, Erie county, i'm moving to Pheonix next fall for college, i know that i can get one for Arizona,maybe i could try registering there early and transfering the plate
  8. I got a 2002 Klx300 and i'm thinking of converting it to a d/s, wanted to know if anyone has had success doing this in New York? I am the original owner, but the paperwork says offhighway use olny. Please help!