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  1. Did search the forum but didn't find exactly. Bike was standing for 3 monthes, today try to start it, but before did some things: replace the spurk plug and check for spark- Ok, replace the fuel to fresh one, clean the air. After a lot of kicks the bike started, wait to warm it (with the choke), closed the choke and the bike stalled. I got to possition that to run it idle without choke i opened the idle screw 5-6 more turns, but with choke running it was too much and have to close it. I know that for some of you the problem is familiar so i have some questions: 1. What happends there? 2. What i need to do to fix it (i do have the manual book)? 3. Can it be fix without removing the carburator? Thanks a lot to all helpers.
  2. what makes the pw to be hardest bike to wheelie and why the rrr125 is the easiest one?
  3. wheelie with bibtcle or bike are diffrent, the throttle of the bicycle are the foot and the rear brake is with the hand. what technique did you use? what was the braking action that cause you understand how to do it right?
  4. boring?, i don't know. on my bicycle i can wheelie a little and it feels great. want to do it on my bike as well but don't know how to start:excuseme:
  5. how much of you wheelie? did you learn by yourselfs? how much time did it took you? do you know wheelie schools? is it really worth it, can you wheelie after wheelie school? for how long (gear?)? thanks to all answers i'm planning a visit at the USA and wanted to check the options.
  6. i meant to flip the tire iron, not the tire (or rim). apologize for confusion.
  7. you use the curved 'spoon' to remove the tire, but to get it on you turn it over (on its back). i didn't see such of tire iron, i just wonder if that tool is exsiste or if it can be done technical.
  8. does anyone of you know/hear about tire iron that you don't have to turn it to the opposite side for add the tire on. the idea is that with the same side you can get the tire off and back the rim. thanks all
  9. check several things today. the reservior is working O.K- free path thru the both tubes. opeb the rad cap and tilt the bike from side to side- water running from right to left rad. opend the water pump cover- discover strange stains on the impeller (white). the oil is good-no milky color. i notice that the water that missing in the rad are accumulating in the reservior. the reservior is generally between min to max, after the ride it was beyond the max and seems to be the same amount of water i add to the rad (half to full glass of water). ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  10. 1. check for colling water condition (changing in the level). 2. check the oil condition-color. 3. remove the valve cover, bring the cam that all valve supose to be close and check clearance- if you find no clearance in one valve that means that one valve is opend allways. 4. in my bike, the valve bucket (the cap that sits on the shims) was stuck pressing the valve (exhaust) little bit. there were no compression, kickstart moves with hand freely.
  11. rad cap is designed to keep pressure, how that craete the problem? if it dose not work (keeping pressure), water will evaporate from the rad. but the reservior is full, and when i opend the cap it puffed hard, means that it keeps pressure.
  12. the reservior is connected properly. if there is a pinhole and air is sucked in, how come after i opened the radiator cap and leave it opend for few minuts, air did not went out and the water level did not return back. i think that one of the radiators (left?) get hit/crash somewhere and blocking the water flow. the pump is taken water from right radiator and cycle it. when it is blocked, pressure is built up because the pump warks one direction. still, will be have to chack it. remember i notice remnants of cooling water from bottom of right radiarot thru the hose and on the cover of the water pump.
  13. so how come the reservior is full and, from where there was that pressure (big puff when opened the rdiator cap) in the radiator a day after riding?
  14. there must be someone that knows somthing...
  15. bike: WR426F 2001. fix water pump (oil/water seal) 5 weeks ago, everything was O.K. yesterday rode 10 KM stopped and noticed strange red (bourdeaux) color on the bottom of right radiator,rubber pipe, cover of water pump. washed it with water (camelback) and it cames green (cooling water). O.K, checked reservior O.K (full of green water), opend radiator cap release pressure and it seems to loose water, filled in about half glass of water closed the cap, washed the area and road back to home. there is no color on the radiator/pipe/cover. today, opend the radiator cap,of course it hase been cooled since yesterday, and there was big puff of pressure release. it seems that water is missing in the radiatot, but the reservior is O.K (full), oil condition is O.K (mo milky color). what is going on!! i opened before the cap when the bike was cold and it never puffed. how come the reservior is O.K (and missing water in the radiator)? thanks for all helpers