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  1. fiftyrider


    does anyone know how much a stater would cost for a xr 50??
  2. fiftyrider

    50 runs like helll....HELP

    it bogs down and then turns off
  3. fiftyrider

    50 runs like helll....HELP

    its not that ..its just after it gets hot the engine just dies and bogs down .i can start it up like a min later and then goes again for a little bit.???
  4. fiftyrider

    50 is having problems, please help

    where can u get them from??
  5. ok i just bought a 2001 xr50 that has a stock motor.its runs alright when it is cold and then after it gets going.(hot).the motor just bogs down and it stals..i can start it back up in like 2 mins then go again.but then whenit gets hot again it does it over again...i cleaned the carb,and airfilter,and changed the oil.so i dont know whats going on????