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  2. aluminum kickstand and a nice cushy seat
  3. I always use olive oil without the friction modifiers...always cold pressed...definetly worth the exrta the shorties love a good tossed salad.
  4. hahahahaha!!
  5. Jack ass Iam not the one thats confused...your reading comprehension is just off. I asked for a reliable engine builder and you bannanas wanna give me advice on what jets to use and if I have spark, compression and fuel.
  6. It's not...just asked for a recommendation for a reliable builder
  7. cool...just seems odd...who knows what happens in others lives....shit aint easy.
  8. when u say "lots" many actual customers didnt fock up their own engines on install vs happy customers thru the years. This is the first thread i started in four years with plenty of jackasses chiming in ....its as if they're all infallible and at the same time cant offer me an alternative engine builder. Drz's made 33hp stock prior to Eddy cranking it up close to 60hp.
  9. Never had any issue with Eddie Sisneros..always got what I paid for plus all the great info he always graciously posted up on this forum. Just seems like alot of drama hit this site with a few unhappy customers...cant be easy building / shipping engines around the country with a 100% success rate with all the variables involved. I'd still send him my engine and money if he'd be willing to do it.....better than any local shop I've ever dealt sure. Most techs cant even changed a tire without scuffing up a rim.
  10. Maybe thats how you do it in Alabama but here in Ny were not into torching things for the "quick fix".
  11. buddy no offense but I was asking for a recommendation on an engine builder/ tuner...not for advice on how to fix it. Im pretty good at using the search function so any questions that could be answered as to my issue have already. The engine needs to be totally disassembled and rebuilt by someone who is qualified.
  12. yeah it's broke and Im not interested in attempting to hash it out with some arm chair sudo mechs..but thanks anyways!
  13. Havent posted since my bb stroker went to sleep on me in 2010. Long story short can anyone recommend a builder who can bring some life back into my Drz? Thanks!
  14. I dont think motorcycle frames and their original engines share the same vin numbers like cars do.
  15. Bringing new meaning to " Plug and Play" !!