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  1. http://www.americandirtbike.com/toppage1.htm
  2. I suggest you email or speak to Mike Komer at the Tryals Shop. I think he has more Climber experience than nearly anyone in the world! www.tryalsshop.com He even has a Climber on his sign!
  3. Yeah, single sided swingarm just like HONDA and DUCATI have used for years.......
  4. http://www.ktm-koestler.de/en/maico-bikes/maico-shop/maico-models-2014.html
  5. That is indeed an '87 500ASE, Looks just like mine!
  6. I have one. How much are you offering?
  7. I've been looking for one for YEARS myself. I have NEVER seen one come up for sale anywhere. How about it Notorious? Wanna swap for my ATK 620 Intimidator?
  8. Not the 700 (which is actually a 685), but I have a 620 sitting in my shop...
  9. I know quite a bit ZW and have the original owners manual as well. Shoot me a PM and let me know what i can help you out with.
  10. and my '87 250 without the A-Trac. Maybe the A-Trac was an option that could be retrofitted by dealers? I'll see what i can find out from the C-A Gods...
  11. I don't know if the A-Trac's were factory installed but would think that they probably were as the swingarm is different than a 'regular' bike. The 406 that Dirt Bike tested in their May '87 issue had the A-Trac and until you said you have one I'd never seen mention of another on a Can-Am personally. Here's a pic of my 500 the day it arrived. It's in pieces right now getting some much needed cosmetic refreshing:
  12. Greetings from another Armstrong era Can-Am nut job! I've got an '86 200ASE, '87 250ASE, and an '87 500ASE. Would love to find an '87 406, but they are hard to come by (especially the few they fitted with the A-Trak system from the factory)... To be cosmetically correct/original (if you care) your bike should have red fenders and they are available as reproduction stuff online (RTR Moto). No one has made repro seat covers for the 200, 250, and 406 '87's that I'm aware of. The '87 500 has a different seat than the other models (same as the '86 bikes) and thanks to a great guy (guess who...) donating his seat cover as a pattern you can now buy white covers that are duplicates of the original, but understand these will NOT work on your bike. Enjoy that thing and check out the Can-Am Yahoo owners group and canned-ham.com for other passionate owners. There are two guys here in the states that have HUGE Can-Am only collections (over 50 bikes each, and one guy ONLY collects the '82-'87 Armstrong built stuff)
  13. KTM version: http://hellforleathermagazine.com/2011/10/ktm-freeride-350-accessible-off-roading/
  14. As per the OSSA manual: Mix 0.7-0.9%; 100% synthetic GRO RACING 1