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  1. camjs

    Virginia york town

    I am new to this area. I like to trail riding, I do not like jumps ect. where are some good places to go the have long decent trail riding. also wouldnt mind meeting up with someone and going riding. I ride with a younger guy that lives next to me who is also new to the area.
  2. camjs

    Wr 450 2003

    been riding 4 strokes for less than a 2 months. how do you know if your bike is running to hot.
  3. camjs

    Virginia riding

    i live in newport news near hampton. ive heard of heard of trails heaven in west virginia, the cove, and taskers gap in the geaorge washington national forest. these places are all long drives and would be best for camping trips. slades park is only an hour away but is very small.
  4. camjs

    Virginia riding

    I am new to virginia and am looking for a good place to ride. I ride trails not any jumps or stuff like that. I have gone to slades park in surry there is only 12 miles of trails there. back where im from we have hundreds of miles of trails at just one park. 12 miles is a little disappointing. if you know of any good places to go close by let me know please. I ride with my buddy down the road, we would like some one else to ride with.
  5. camjs

    gray wire

    if you disconnect the gray wire and do not change the factory jetting or do the throttle stop mod what type of effect will it have on the bike. I have replaced the exhaust baffle and done the air box mod. this is a 2003 WR 450
  6. camjs

    2003 WR intake baffle

    how do you take the baffle out of the intake. i took off the seat and looked around but dont know how to take it out. I heard its not a big deal to take out because its just for extreme weather conditions. i also would like to place a new jet kit on the bike because it runs lean what kind should i use.