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  1. I have WI plates but work in the cities, does that count?
  2. Yamaha

    Mine starts just fine. Make sure that your battery has a full charge and use a winter oil, I use amsoil 0w40 so the engine can turn over fast enough to start!
  3. Yamaha

    are you talking about the rev limiter in reverse? I know that on the 660 you ground the wire that comes out of the tranny by the counter sprocket. not sure about yours though.
  4. Yamaha

    It's very hard to diagnose EFI with out the proper tools:banghead: you may have something simple like a bad temp sensor, some times when they fail they tell the ecu that it is -40 so it will run VERY rich. Or it could be a bad injector or several other things? Is it still under warranty? a shop manual should have a procedure to diagnose the efi but i don't know any one that has one. good luck
  5. Yamaha

    Yep! I have a 00 Kodiak 400 (same engine) and it will do about 50 mph. it is a great wheeler, never breaks fun to ride and is great work horse
  6. Honda

    I have maxxis razers on my 700 and LOVE them! have tried hole shots (just the basic ones) and did not have very good luck. I think the razer is a great tire for the money. If you want a real tough tire maybe look at the hole shot HD
  7. I moved from Prior Lake to Danbury about 2 years ago. What a trail system!! I took the thumper out on Sunday but there is still to much snow in the woods:( the Wisconsin trails will be closed from the end of march till memorial weekend:banghead: BUT WAIT!! the Gandy is open all year and the st Croix forest loop as well:applause: so in a week or so it should be ride-able!! It will stay very very wet all spring though. I Will keep ya posted:thumbsup:
  8. Yamaha

    ya they will fit but they are no upgrade unless your looking at the GYTR version?
  9. Yamaha

    If your needle and seat in the float bowl are not sealing you can get fuel draining into the engine. I would pull off the bowl and check the float and needle/seat for dirt
  10. Yamaha

    You can get a popping from beiing to rich also. Pull the spark plug and take a look at it. If is black you are rich(larger main jet), if it is white you are lean (smallet Main jet). You want brown/darkbrown
  11. Yamaha

    You may want to check the compression. If it is a low it will be hard starting cold. otherwise you may want to check the fuel screw and start at about 2.5 turns out. But my money is on low compression. Good luck!
  12. Ya they rip! but they have a lot of problems with them blowing up, efi issues etc.
  13. Yamaha

    They are like apples and oranges. the Raptor is bigger, heavier and not as fast as a yfz. But it has more torque, is more comfortable, has reverse and a less harsh ride. The yfz has designed to go racing it is light and very fast! on a track it will kill a Raptor! But it is only at it's best when ridden hard! If your kid wants to race some day then get the yfz if you want a one that dose every thing go with the Raptor.
  14. Yamaha

    Banshee shocks are about 1 inch shorter than a raptor shock. the yfz and raptor shock are the same length i believe.
  15. I live in a very sandy area (no mud) and I an running a mt 21 front and a dunlop 908RR rear. I really like the mt21, it has very good grip, but it wears kinda funny mine is cupped out real bad after 1000 miles. the 908RR well i just don't know what to think of it?? great on road, great in a straight line and kinda loose in the corners. It is toast after 1000 miles.(But i am hard on tires) so I to am looking at options. Michelin Baja any one?