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  1. figured out the problem here!! i was working on taking my cylinder head off today and when i went to take the cams off i looked at them and my exhaust cam was fine but my intake cam has spun on me....thats why it would never fire up making the timing be completely way off lol thanks for everyones help on here. but by any chance does anyone have a set of cams laying around that are in good shape?
  2. hahaha gotcha. and yes i would llike to hear primal's opinion on this it would be nice.
  3. im calm lol im not saying all the above with attitude im cool no attitude haha but yes it is very stressful....sorry if it seemed like i was gettin a lil rowdy to some ppl...i honestly didnt mean it like that. i got on this forum to ask for help w/o gettin anyone offended by no means lol. sorry if i have please continue helping me! thanks
  4. yes i did the pin count but the timing chain is slightly stretched but it should still start even if it was off by one tooth it just wont run to its fully best performance!! and its not wanting to start at all...so i don't know what the problem is that's why i am trying to ask other ppl on here and see what their opinions are on my situation!
  5. yes the timing is right i did it over and over and checked it numerous of times and its shimmed correctly!! something is wrong with the valves....gotta be the problem and i dont think they got the seats cut. but would bike still start if that was the case? or would it not start if the valves were leaking and the seats not cut?
  6. they sure didn't....all he said was that they put new valves in it and that was it! im pretty sure that's what my problem is the valves not seating right
  7. OK i bought this bike a few days ago and the guy said that they had put new valves in it...he told me his dad knew how to do it and so he did the work. now the bike wouldn't start kicking it over and the only way it would run was jump starting it..after the bike was warmed up it would kick start just fine?! I checked the timing and reset it and its dead on timing and valve clearances are perfect within spec like they should be and now the bike wont start at all by kicking it over and jump starting it....i made a quick phone call to someone i knew and their bike had the same symptoms after they got new valves put in!!! and so the guy i called was telling me that his valves weren't seated right so there for they weren't sealing all the way and were leaking so his bike wouldn't run either so he took it back to the mechanic that put in the new valves and couldn't figure out why they wouldn't seat right...?!!? eventually after hours and hours of head aches they finally got the valves to seat and seal right on his cylinder head! now what can i do to get my cylinder head valves to seat and seal right???? or does anyone know what else it could be? its getting plenty of fire/spark and fuel....the valves not seated properly which makes them leak is the only thing that i can think of is the problem since they put new valves in it that is keeping it from running!? someone please help me asap! thanks
  8. i currently check the valve clearances and i noticed that one of my intake tappets was messed up. the valve had beat the shim through the tappet and i dont understand why? i have replace that valve tappet once already and it did it again. someone please help me with this one before someting really gets messed up.
  9. my bike is making a ticking noise while its running... it fires up right away and has no problem starting at all and runs great. but it started making a kinda loud ticking noise. any answers to what it might be??? and i just got a new piston put in, etc.