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  1. Hello, I am searching for owners of Scorpa TY (or SY) 125/175 trial bike, for exchanging suggestions and tricks... I live in Italy. m.
  2. piruleiro

    Beta ALP 4T vs. Scorpa 4T

    hello, I live in Italy and I am using a Beta ALP 200 4T for riding on mountain paths near my house in Tuscany. It's a nice bike for this kind of "pseudo-trial + short road transferts" usage but when I need to climb over (even little) obstacles I find some serious problems, especially because it's nearly impossible to lift the front wheel (too heavy?, low engine power?). So I am looking for another bike, more "trial oriented". But I still need to ride on roads for some kilometers, so I need a seat, and it has to be street legal... Is the Scorpa TY-F 125 4T (just an idea) a good choice for me? I fear it's too slow on road trasferts... another option could be the new Yamaha Tricker (but its' too heavy...) is it too street oriented? thank you m.