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  1. buffallodan

    08 TE 610 suspension modifications

    WoodsChick, Is your bike an 08'? TIA, Dan
  2. buffallodan

    08 TE quick turn throttle tube

    http://www.g2ergo.com/ G2 Ergonomics - Throttle Cam System I ordered direct and the gentleman I spoke with was very helpful. Tell him your situation and see if the quicker cam will solve your issue. Dan
  3. buffallodan

    08 TE quick turn throttle tube

    G2 also has a 50 cam. Dan
  4. buffallodan

    TE-610 Suspension Revalve-LTRacing

    150.00 front revalve. 140.00 rear revalve. 85.00 front spring. Halls provided rear spring for 95.00 iirc... Shipping was a bit more; but part of the reason I sent my stuff to Les instead of ACE which is closer, was to give more 610 owners an idea of how much the bike can be improved when re valved. DockingPilot over at Advrider sent his to ACE so I thought I would go with Les and then we'd have both coasts covered. I think DP will tell you as well that Harvey did a top notch job on his bike and we are both in agreement the 610's really benefit from spring rate and re valves. Thanks for the comments everyone... Dan
  5. buffallodan

    TE-610 Suspension Revalve-LTRacing

    I weigh 180 and asked Les to set the bike up for less fuel and gear even though I have the 5Gal. IMS and Panniers. I wanted the bike set up for Eastern Woods trail riding and would typically be going slower when dual sporting. I can't wait to get more time on it but from the first ride I am pretty sure he has it performing so well, I don't see out-riding it. He understood my skill level would keep me in 2nd and 3rd gear so what parameters he followed for me might not correlate to you...HTH Dan
  6. buffallodan

    TE-610 Suspension Revalve-LTRacing

    No comments after 60+ views ... Did I do a crappy write up or what ... Either way, Les did a great job on my suspension, you won't be disappointed if you have him do your re valve .
  7. Let me start by saying I have only 2 seasons on my TE-610. Like many I found the suspension a bit harsh and over sprung. I only had my Mountain bike as reference point, being new to Motorized Travel . While my mtb has only 5" of travel, it performed better than my Husky. From another members experience I was sure the rear was over sprung. In afterthought I assume this attributed to some of the harshness on the front end as the rear spring overpowered the damping it weighted the front more possibly causing it to pack up and feel very harsh. One thing Les of LT Racing found upon inspection of my forks was a high oil level. This affects the last third of travel from what he told me and I certainly found it hard to take full advantage of the travel of the Zokes in stock form. He lowered it to 130mm and stayed with the 7.5 oil weight. He also attempted to explain what his re valving would address, basically I gathered it would improve the oil flow and take out the spike I was feeling at the bars. Along with a re valve in front, he also lowered the spring rate from the .50s to .48s. He re valved the rear to match the new spring rate of .58kg down from stock 6.4kg. He mentioned the lower spring rate required adjustment to the valving to match the damping as you would suspect. I wish I could give more technical insight but I can only give my riding impressions. I also wish I could show you a few pictures of what I rode this weekend as more verbiage would not be needed . Let me tell ya brothers and sisters I saw ROCKS, I saw MUD, and I saw HILLS. All told, all the DEMONS of the trail, and I was saved I say. Carried on the Wings of Angels out of the Valley and through the Mist of the Mountain, to Redemption, to Glory, To Worship... P.S. Give Les a call, he is a real nice fella to work with, and will get that Husky sorted, so you too can find a bit more Nirvana... http://www.lt-racing.com/ __________________
  8. It can be found in the index. There are a few threads on the IMS... Dan http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=156431 Husqvarna TE/SM-610 Index Thread
  9. buffallodan

    "08 TE610 Forks

    The shock has the compression on top, high and low speed, and the rebound on the bottom. The link could be turned wrong towards the chain and therefore you overlooked it. Dan
  10. buffallodan

    "08 TE610 Forks

    Just spoke with Les of LTR suspension. He suspects he can retrofit an adjustable base valve on the 08' bikes. He has a set of 45 Zokes on hand to scavenge parts. If you are interested give him a call. http://www.lt-racing.com/ Dan __________________
  11. buffallodan

    "08" Te 610?

    There is a new dealer in Kentucky in Shelbyville. He seems to have pretty good pricing...lots of info on the 610 over at Advrider, check my Index thread for the Sign in thread and Bigdogs review and ride reports. Dan
  12. buffallodan

    500 street miles on TE610?

    You can toss on a 16T CS to keep the revs down as well. I do that when I have a long road stretch on a ride. I also use a 14T CS if its tight trails b/c I like the 2nd gear speed better with the lower gearing. Hoder and I are working on a shim, one can use, so that the wheel set screw does not have to be adjusted... Dan p.s. I would prefer to break a bike in with shorter riding intervals to give it time to cool down the first few rides after only a short run time...
  13. buffallodan

    TE 610 Chain Adjustment Question

    I think the manuals method is done with the bike on the sidestand. George's method is the way to go, just raise the bike off the stand so it is at static sag and touch the chain to the slider. This will make it just a tad loose when cold and when hot it will still be at spec. Dan In regards to tight spots; if you measure the slack and rotate the chain and re-measure you may find that there is a slight difference. I assumed this was because the links didn't wear evenly, but, there will be a short point in the chain and a long point. Just rotate it a few times and when setting the slack...
  14. buffallodan

    exhaust wrap - effects on pipe

    Thought I would piggy back this thread... What is the effect on the Engine when the pipes are wrapped? Does the engine run cooler or hotter when the headers are wrapped? Any negatives to getting the pipes ceramic coated and wrapping them? I have the wrap but thought I might just get them coated and use the wrap as well to protect the ceramic... Dan
  15. buffallodan

    D/S husky pics

    Really nice photography... What camera and lens are you using? Again, great shots. Dan