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  1. svtphil

    Another Battery Question

    I agree with your conclusion Black DRZ and thanks everyone for their input I over thought this one......like I seem to do more often than not!! Battery is 3 years old, it did give me issues on a recharge in the past, and I don't put enough riding time on it...thanks again everyone for their help. Phil
  2. svtphil

    Another Battery Question

    I went through all the wiring and removed main ground and cleaned up and replaced. everything seemed ok, and yes on the voltage reading, the 11.8 was while cranking.....actually no starter motor movement, just starter relay click.
  3. svtphil

    Another Battery Question

    I have a 2002 drz400s with starting issues. I went to start it the other day, started ok, I put the choke in too early and it stalled. Tried to restart on only got clicking from Starter Relay. Jumped power and starter cable on relay and got motor to turn over a few times. Replaced Starter Relay with new one, same problem, starter kicked over a few time on first attempt, then only clicking. I took starter out, disassembled, cleaned out, (didn't look that bad and armature and communicators tested ok) put back together then noticed if I checked continuity between starter motor positive connector and starter motor body I got a beep. (continuity....shorted ) I thought the body of the starter motor was ground, and asked that question on this site, and one reply said that is not right and bad starter motor. Replaced starter motor with new one, still same problem, starter motor will kick over on first attempt for a few rotations then just get starter relay click. I also checked to see if starter motor positive shorted to starter motor body and it does. That still kinda confuses me because + and - short out when you engage starter, but that seems to be how it works. My last option is replacing the battery which seems to be the problem from the start, I'm hoping someone could confirm this. I notice when I hook up volt meter to battery I get 13.6 V turn ignition on and drops to 12.6v and when I press starter button it drops below 11.8v The battery is about 3 years old, and I don't get much ride time on it, but do keep it on a tender. Any ideas from people would be appreciated. I was going to get a Ballistic EVO2 8 cell and would like also to get any opinions on that battery if anyone has one. thanks
  4. I replaced my OEM petcock with a manual one.....TWICE!!! Both of the manual petcocks and both of them leaked from the start! I took them apart and discovered how poorly the were manufactured. On both of them the fuel nipple came out, leaked around selector knob and the last one leaked into carb in the off position resulting in 1gal + in my crank!! I purchased a repair kit for the vacuum OEM and seems to be working. I still haven't put it on the bike yet thou, have it on the tank and hooked up to a vacuum tool and testing to make sure it is off when no vacuum. So far so good!
  5. svtphil

    SM Conversion. Was it worth the $$$

    my converted S to SM came out good, went with Epic kit,Trail Tech (I think much better than stock unit, and a easy adjustment when I put my dirt rims on )
  6. yes from the positive post on the starter to the body of starter beeps and to metal parts on motor. Shouldn't the post on the starter be completely isolated from the rest of the starter. I'm guessing that i'm touching positive with negative.
  7. I just checked conductivity between starter relay wire and starter motor, good, but then noticed i'm also getting conductivity between starter motor and MOTOR!!! I'm thinking that's not right????!!! any input??
  8. I'm having problems with my 2002 drz400S. I went to start it the other day and got it going, then pushed choke in to early and it died. (kinda normal) But the tried to start again and only got clicking (starter relay). I trouble shot the relay, and it had correct ohm, but when shorting out power leads to get starter motor to crank, no go. Replaced Starter Relay, tried again, clicks again, the starter motor turned twice, then no more. I pulled starter motor, no obvious problems, brushes good, got conductivity. Battery seems ok, get 13.5volts and keep it on a tender. I have had issues with it though, and find that I turn the key (headlights and other things come on, voltage quickly drops to 12.2 volts and continues to drop rather quickly) ='m suspecting battery now, but i'm down 70 from the starter relay and don't want to just replace if there are other suggestions. thanks Philip