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  1. Thanks so much man! Looks like I was using the TT store all wrong.
  2. Can someone kindly help me find the part number for the carb float bowl gasket on the Mikuni? Mine has started leaking and after a half hour of searching I am ready to admit defeat looking on my own. Anyone ever find a petcock rebuild kit for the vacuum one on the 400s? I feel bad running mine on prime all the time. My poor 01 is starting to show her age.
  3. Galveston here
  4. The two bolts that go into the tank on the right side plastic turned up missing... Good places to get replacements?
  5. BTW, I got it to start, only ran it for a sec or two, just to cycle some fresh oil through the motor. So it was good to hear it run. Just needed some fresh gas.
  6. Well I am home and had a chance to get a good look in the daylight. I am so depressed now.... It is NOT leaking around the shaft. It is leaking from the sidecase. Looks like he chewed a hole right through it with the pressure washer. I called him up and he says he remembered trying hard to get the dirt out from behind the sproket cover. Tried hard enough to put a hole in the side case right to the left of the sproket. Its a pretty good size hole, almost big enough to get my pinky in... I am thinking of JB welding it, I could probably get it to work. Checked ebay... no side cases for sale. Anyone happen to know where I could find one? Thanks again for the suggestions. I was looking forward to coming home and just having to tighten the CS nut up. Guess it just wasnt my lucky day.
  7. So there is no seal to worry about? I just need to snug up the CS nut?
  8. I went riding about a month ago in some extremely muddy conditions. When I got home I took the pressure washer to the bike to get the sticky crap off. While I was working the phone rang and my brother brought the phone out to me. Not really thinking about it I took the phone and my brother took over with the power washer. I think that was my mistake. Not only did he take the sticker off the side panel I think he may have blown out the seal at the sproket. I did not try to start the bike that day. She sat for close to a month untill last night. I went to start her, turns over fine, but would not fire up. Leaning over the seat to check the choke and I notice oil on the skid plate. Fresh looking oil. Not a whole lot, but enough to make a puddle at the edge. Not good. So I turn it over a few more time and sure enough, more oil starts coming down, enough to spill over the edge. I stopped cranking and looked around a bit, it was getting dark and I was POed at that point so I didnt look too hard. I think the oil was coming from around the shaft for the drive sproket. Is this possible? Is there anywhere else in that area that oil could come from? I felt and the drain plug was still in place, not to mention it didnt leak when sitting, only when turning over. I am sitting at work pissed and worried. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. Thanks fellas, After reading the posted links I feel about 5 times more confident about pulling this thing apart. A little fuel for all...... I will be doing the work this weekend, Ill be sure to post an update.
  10. Is that different than the rear linkage? Or is that simply the pivot that the linkage attaches at?
  11. '00 DRZ-400s, got her nice and cheap last spring. Been riding hard both on and off road. (Texas weather is great almost all year!) Have got her stuck in some very serious mud more than once and even managed to dunk her under water once as well. She is developing some squeeks and groans and I think its time for a little grease and oil beyond lubing the chain up. I am decent with the wrenches and have tackled quite a few tasks but am planning on doing alot of things at once to get ready for this riding season. These are the things I know I should do - oil/filter coolant flush/change grease rear linkage grease stearing stem brake fluid flush/change brake pads fork oil change I will use diesel motor oil, regular anti/freeze coolant, marine bearing grease, dot-3 brake fluid, and 7.5wt oil for forks (How much in each fork?). I am not worried about the oil/filter change, the coolant flush, or the brake fluid/pads. These are all things Ive done to many bikes, 4wheelers, whatnot in the past. I have not however taken the forks off a bike nor disassembled the rear linkage. I found a nice write up here on TT about the rear linkage, looks pretty straight forward, but I did not find much info about removing the forks to change the fork oil and springs. Are there any tips or tricks anyone cares to lend? Where should I start? Will I need to take the triple clamps off? How hard is it to get to where I need to grease the stearing stem? I will also be installing .48 springs in them while they are off. Anything special to watch out for when doing that? Do I need to replace wheel bearings? I know Ive had to do that to other rides quite a few times...if so where is a good place to get them? Is there anythings else I should do to help keep this baby rolling nice and easy? Remeber this is a 2000 bike and I do not know just how good of care the precious owner gave it. I am also poor so nothing too expensive. Any and all info is welcome and appreciated.
  12. To drain the float bowl it is the screw on the very bottom of the carb right? The one with the hose that runs down to nothing? If so I did that when I was getting her running at the side of the creek. I will definately drain it again though. After getting home I also drained off the gas in the tank (works fine in the lawnmower...). I think it might be important to note that when I rode her the other day it was for a long time. A whole day, a little more than a full tank of fresh gas. Seems to me that should have pulled all the moisture through the system... am I wrong on that? A friend was also telling me that remaining moisture could have ruined the new spark plug I put in, is that possible as well? Another friend recommended a fuel additive called 'Heet' to remove any remaining moisture, anyone use this before? Thanks for the input fellas...
  13. Story as follows - Went to Arkansas and rode for three days straight without a hitch. Day 4, day before we packed camp and left, I had a beer or six too many and decided I was going to charge the "big creek" just one more time. You know what happened. She went under running for about 3 seconds. I got her up as fast as I could but she still managed to slurp up some creek water and choke. I got her up to the bank, which was no easy task, and flipped drained etc till she would run again, just to get me back to camp. She went straight onto the trailer with me cussing the whole time. Got her home, drained oil (milky), filled it, ran her for a bit, changed it again. Put in a new plug and ran some Seafoam engine cleaner in the tank. She was running fairly well, little sputter and pop on decel now again but nothing drastic. Well I parked her for about 2 weeks and now if Im cruising along at idle and I whack the throttle wide she sounds horrible for about half a second till it revs just a tad then the power hits and she runs great. I can however ease into the throttle and shell rev slowly with no problem. Happens with bike warm or cold. When in neutral motor seems to rev fine from idle. I have tried adjusting idle but that did not seem to help. It sounds like not enough air so I tried pulling the air filter and running it, bog was still there, just a deeper sound. I fooled with it most of the afternoon to no avail. Im thinking clogged jet but sure would like some input before I pull the carb.... Any ideas?
  14. Makes me wonder though, does this mean it is time to replace my chain?
  15. I managed to sqeeze a 15/48 on the stock chain. Chain has about 2.5k 50/50 street/dirt miles on it so there is undoubtebly some stretching involved. And the axle is just a tick or two off from all the way forward. A near perfect gearing for my riding style too.