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  1. xrmoto

    Looking for input: XR performance mods

    done my xr a few months ago. 11.1 wiseco piston, hotcam stage 1, head porting myself(used to do this for a living) mikuni tm40 carb, full Akcropovic exhaust, side panel airbox mod. 59.83 @ the wheel. over 60 on a cold day, 48 flb,s of torque.
  2. xrmoto

    hotcam manual decompression??

    The hot cam or the honda Hrc cam both can be used with the manual decompressor. The Hot cam doe's not have the automatic decompressor fitted or can it be adapted. However the Honda Hrc cam comes complete with the automatic deconpressor on it. I have fitted the hot cam to my 650r and i find its no different to the old cam with the auto decompressor to start, infact it starts better. It just needs a bit more of a kick. the autodecompressor will take the exhaust valve of its seat during the initial firing kick, which makes it slightly more easy to kick but reduces the compression, and makes it les reluctant to fire.
  3. xrmoto

    Improved torque?

    Going to a high compression piston will give you more torque. My xr650r with Hotcam stage 1, Mikuni TM40 Full Ackrpovic and 11.1 piston, with ported head makes 47 footpounds of torque
  4. xrmoto

    xr650r dynoed today

    It was at 7,200 rpm
  5. xrmoto

    xr650r dynoed today

    full Ackropovic 11.1 Piston stage 1 cam Mikuni TM40 carb Head ported by myself. holes in air box. and a prayer
  6. xrmoto

    xr650r dynoed today

    Had the xr650r dynoed today at HM racing in the UK. 59.53@ the wheel
  7. xrmoto

    Hot Cams camshaft? Any good?

    I have just rebuilt my 650r from a complete strip down to replace a few gears. While it was apart i ported my head ( used to build ford cosworth and lotus twincams race engines for a living) installed a wiseco 11.1 piston, Hotcam stage 1 cam and also a Mikuni TM40 flatslide pumper carb. After turning the fuel on from a dry carb, the old girl fired on the 2nd and 3rd kit and run on the 4th. The first time i took the bike out for a gentle spin i noticed how much more smoother it felt. Dont know whether it was the cam or carb or a combination of both. Hav'nt opened it right up yet, but it seems to have loads more bottom end and pulls realy strong midrange. Will give you more info after i get it dynoed on the 16th December. Darren
  8. The old xr650r is booked into HM racing for the 16th December. Any Guesses on the horsepower with these mods 11.1 compression piston ported head Hotcam stage 1 Mikuni TM40 carb Full Ackropovic exhaust Twin air filter Holes in side panel thanks
  9. xrmoto

    xr650r decompressor/ hotcam advice

    hi Ramcc4x4, I started the bike up for the first time on saturday. The engine was stripped down and crank cases were split apart. Had a second gear problem. It kept jumping out. After replacing 2nd,3rd, and fifth gear along with a second gear selector fork the engine was ready to go back together. While apart i thought i would throw in a 11.1 compression piston, port the cylinder head and install a Mikuni TM40 pumper carb, stage 1 hotcam along with the full Ackropovic exhaust system and modified air filter cover which i done before the strip down. The bike fired up 2nd kick from a complete strip down. Had to play with the idol a bit to up the revs to stop the cam labouring. Went out for a 20 minute ride on saturday bike felt realy smooth. I kept the revs above idol, between 3 and 4000 rpm. Its hard to see what the cam along has down to the bike but it stil has a nice steady non lumpy idol rather than the lumpy idol of the stage 2 from what i hear. The xr's going on the dyno on the 16th December the earliest Hm racing can do. I will keep you posted with the outcome. thanks Darren
  10. xrmoto

    XR650R cylinder head

    Ive got a spare cylinder head complete with valves and springs of a 2002 650r. Cost from honda Uk bare head less valves is £1038 including vat. Any idea's what its worth second hand ???? Thanks
  11. I,ve just got my Mikuni TM40 for my xr650r. I have to shorten the push, pull throttlle cables and reattatch new nipples. I need any advice on what solder to use, or do you need to braze them on. Also are the cables made of stainless steel as this may cause a problem attatching the nipples.
  12. xrmoto

    Edelbrock vs. Mikuni

    Just ordered a Mikuni along with some other mods. Im sure a dyno session will sort it out. Ther cant be to much difference once set up properly.
  13. xrmoto

    650r second gear jumping out

    BWB63 These pictures, are they from your website. Replacing the 2nd gear ,5th gear and the fork did that cure the problem. Or was there some sort of on assembly fault from honda The parts cost $300 in the united kingdom. thanks Darren
  14. Hi, any one out there had any problems with second gear that keeps jumpng out when winding the gas on. Striped the engine down at the weekend, all the teeth are ok. Selecter fork for 2nd gear is is marked and worn slightly. 2nd gear and 5 th gear on the countershaft where they slide into each other is worn. The bike only down 2000 miles. Anyone had a simular problem. I found these picture on this website. The same has happened to my bike. http://www.borynack.com/Bruce/Cycle/TransGears/pages/DSC00001.htm http://www.borynack.com/Bruce/Cycle/TransGears/pages/DSC00007.htm http://www.borynack.com/Bruce/Cycle/TransGears/pages/DSC00006.htm
  15. xrmoto

    xr650r decompressor/ hotcam advice

    Many thanks for the information