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  1. Bonnet

    1986 TT 225 fuel tank

    I was looking at the Yamaha Parts Fiche and some visual pictures as I have the same issue. I think it will fit based that the part numbers for the 87 350 and 225 tanks are identical other than the first 3 digits which I think are the model code. I will probably try it as options are limited!!
  2. Bonnet

    Beta model year help

    I just picked up my first trials bike a Beta Zero. I have no idea what year the bike is though and niether did the seller. I think the bike is a 270?? (269 stamped cylinder. Anyone with some knowledge on these please help !
  3. Bonnet

    xr's only to canada

    I ordered from XR'S Only. I had the pumper carb and several other cosmetic items. I had no probs with shipping or service. I did have one issue and that was this: The XR 400 air boot was included in the kit with the carb as posted online. However I did not recieve it because they told me they don't offer that any more. I was told that I could get the boot since it was still advertised. It was resolved quickly. I also emailed several questions to the tech department and also had answers back very quickly. Shopping online is abit different than your regular go to the store adventure. I think you need to be more informed and know what you need.
  4. Bonnet

    I've Seen the light!

    Well guys I'm new in the forum! I just decided today that I 'm comin over to KTM 2-smoker. The trusty XR has done all it can for me! So I thought it was time to step up to a newer lighter bike. I'm thinking I like the 250 XC-W maybe a 300....but the 200 looks great for my style of riding ...too much to choose from!!! I need more money to collect them all!
  5. Bonnet

    XR 250 Mikuni Install

    RockyRoad: Well I am more on the hmmmm side. I don't think increased fuel economy under certain conditions is out of the question but I don't think that much. My mistake could be reading the volume strip on the gas can I use?? I will come up with a better more accurate reading for my next outing. You guys will just have to wait in suspense! I will post that up next Sunday evening!
  6. Bonnet

    XR 250 Mikuni Install

    Okay, here is some fuel economy notes: Ride was 50 miles/ 80Km at an elevation of 1244 meters/4100ft. I ran the bike thru some deer trails up a few hills thru some mud holes making up about 15% of the ride. The remainder was forest service roads at 60 to 80 kmh / 40 to 50 Mph. I burned just over 2 liters / about .6 Us gallons (I think). It surprised me as I thought I would have burned more but that is all I needed to top the tank back up to just below the filler neck. I also have so cold weather starting info: The bike sat outside overnight in -3 deg c / 26 deg F. I pulled the choke kicked the bike thru 3 x then found TDC and gave it 2 kicks and it fired right up. I never had this opportunity with the stock carb so I don't know if it is better or not. I did encounter 1 problem. I went thru a very deep mud hole that swallowed my front wheel and it caused some hesitation as I climbed out the other side. I checked the bike over right away and have come to the conclusion that I need to run the vent lines for the carb up! I will need to buy some tubing as the tubing it comes with isn't long enough. Overall still very happy with carb. My bike is still very smooth and easy starting with good snappy throttle response. The carb also seems to be jetted perfectly for my set-up. The plug is very nice tan color and I have no trouble spots anywhere in the throttle range.
  7. Bonnet

    xr overheating?

    I saw one of your other posts that says you have an fmf pipe and didn't rejet. I would guess you are running the bike way to lean. Your new exhaust (If purchased by you) should tell you what recommended jetting changes are. If you bike was hesitating badly or "poping" when decelerating you are too lean and need to increase your jet size. At the least you probably needed a 135 main jet. I am only guessing here but...If you ran the bike hot for a lengthy period you will have done some damage I would think. What the extent is...??? All I can say from this point is; If you are not able to work this out yourself be comfortable with the person you pay to do it. It is your money! When you do get the bike up and running again : 1. Re-jet 2. Get an oil temp dipstick 3. Try synthetic oil
  8. Bonnet

    Accident at Mcnutt in BC

    The end of this story is very disturbing and is this second theft incident of this sort I have heard of this year. It makes me sick! It is also a good reminder of the perils of riding alone. This story is from the Maple Ridge times Oct 4th. Bloody and toothless, with a broken leg, cracked ankle and snapped jaw, Jeff Parker slowly dragged himself up the hill. Close to the top, he pulled off his helmet, flung it on to the gravel road and waited patiently. As luck would have it, a stranger drove by, saw the tossed helmet, looked around and caught a glimpse of Parker's weak, waving hand. "It's the second time something scary has happened to him," said his cousin, Chris Parker. "I believe he's got nine lives." Jeff Parker had been dirt biking on a trail off 256th Street in Maple Ridge Saturday afternoon when he took a nasty tumble. Speaking with a broken jaw from his hospital bed, the 27-year-old mechanic told his cousin he was riding, perhaps a little fast, when he went around a curve and hit a tree. "The end result was a broken femur, a broken ankle. He broke his jaw in three place and lost anywhere from three to eight [bottom] teeth," said Chris Parker. Ridge Meadows RCMP said the accident happened five kilometres north of 256th Street at around 2:30 p.m. Jeff Parker tumbled 15 feet according to police and landed on rocks. His cellphone didn't work in the thick brush frequented by dirt bike enthusiasts. "He realized he better do something," said Chris Parker. Jeff Parker pulled himself uphill, ripped his helmet off his head and threw it on to the road. Randy Long saw the helmet, rescued him and called 91. Parker was airlifted to Royal Columbian Hospital and remains there, awaiting surgery this week. While paramedics and police attended to Parker, someone took his orange and black dirt bike. Ridge Meadows RCMP would have towed the bike, but were told it was going to be picked up by family. It was left at unattended at the crash site for about an hour. "You see a bike sitting there and there's blood around. You've got to be pretty low to steal it," Chris Parker said. "Just turn it in. Leave it somewhere. We won't ask questions." Parker said his cousin loves that bike. Caillie Kania, a friend and colleague who works with him at West Coast Toyota in Maple Ridge, said Jeff Parker spent a lot of time working on his bike. "He's a mechanic. He had spent a lot of money on it," she said. "It was souped up." • The dirt bike is 2001 orange and black, KTM 125. It is probably missing its handle bars and has a Oregon sand dunes logo on its front fender. Call the RCMP at 604-463 6251 if you see the dirt bike
  9. Bonnet

    2002 XR 250 Won't Start

    I would agree with not using the starting fluid. It can cause havoc! I would start with the usual suspects: 1. Fuel 2. Spark 3. Air Sounds like you have already been going thru that but I would check your electrical connections under the tank. Check and clean your contacts. Also check your spark plug gap Next if you run the bike seldomly drain your tank,carb and fuel lines and replace it with new gas. At this time I would also clean the carb (jets and passage ways) You can also check your fuel screw(Stock setup no mods is around 2 turns out I think). Give your air filter a good cleaning and if you change the oil inspect your filter for any unwanted debris. I had similar issues to you when I bought my bike last May. Those simple things got me up and running If it still won't go not to worry somebody around here probably has the answer! Does your bike have any mods?
  10. Bonnet

    XR 250 Mikuni Install

    Well my fuel level looks close to par with the stock carb for my first outing.I will be heading out for some longer cruising rides in Kamloops next weekend. I will see how far I get riding a combination of logging roads and bush riding! I'll post that up when I get back.
  11. Bonnet

    XR 250 Mikuni Install

    First ride with Mikuni: WOW!! What a difference!! I had no problems at all!! The ride was advanced single track, 2000ft elevation change over a distance of 19.7 miles return. Very steep and rugged to say the least! I stalled once in the middle of a long steep climb after hitting a wet root and to my amazement 1 kick fired the bike right up! Even with my oil temp at 260deg and on hill!!! I could not do that before. Hot starts are now 1 kick mostly with the odd 2 kick, I think once I had to kick 3 times but I never once touched the decomp lever either. It seems you just kick it and it goes! I also notice that with the pumper carb, kicking is far easier. I don't put any where near the effort into pushing the kickstart thru the full stroke. My legs and lungs are thankin' me! The throttle is also much more responsive and far smoother. I felt almost awkward on it for the first little bit. It just felt like gas-gone not gas-hesitate-pickup- gone that I was use too. So, my reason for buying this carb was to fix the starting issues when stalled or flooded or hot . I think this has more than solved the problem for myself. I seems to rev smoother and pull quicker and that is just a great bounus! If you are thinking of one.. buy the kit with throttle cables (stockers don't work) and the XR 400 air boot. It is an easy install. The throttle cables are probably the only finicky thing to deal with. So all in all best money I have put into this bike so far! Now I am really wanting to go ride some more. If anyone has other questions PM me
  12. Bonnet

    1996 xr250 jetting

    Try running a search for XR 250 jetting, Lots of info around. Generally though: You will need to, at the minimum, go with a 135 main jet and posibbly a 48 pilot. Do one change at time and work it from there.
  13. Bonnet

    XR 250 Mikuni Install

    Fatsurf: I ordered a 96 XR 400 intake boot It slides right on, no streching just clamp it and go. Much easier than trying to force something to work that really won't! I also used motion pro fuel line which was much easier to strech over the carb fuel pick-up. krtstrk: Yes I got the shaft! However I called them up and talked with them. I was able to get the airboot If I wanted it and the airfilter is backordered. Not that I care, I don't want a K&N. There service/tech help is good. I think as a buyer you need to clarify what you are purchasing when dealing with mail order on anything. The carb kit from them I think is well worth it just clarify what you want with it before you click pay now!! Okay going riding let you guys know how it goes!!
  14. Bonnet

    Make handling better?

    Yep I'll make that 3 for best lookin XR!! I'll take that over a KTM any day!
  15. Bonnet

    XR 250 Mikuni Install

    I used a blow dryer and got it to work out pretty good. Almost there!