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  1. I ride a smc which runs fine but I bought a 93' Yamaha Virago XV 535 for my dad, haddn't been riden for a long time, sat in garage. Been working on it for 3 weeks going thru everything one would expect. Narrowed things down to carb probs, sleaned soaked, rebuilt carbs, syncd. Runs terribly rich and the gasket under the jet block in the carb i had to make-one in carb kit did not fit. Anyway, tired of messing w/this so I've decided to fabricate my own 2 into 1 intake. My question is which carb should i get. Figured if anybody would know which would be the easyest carb to tune and most reliable for this application. This is an air cooled 535cc v-twin that came with double mikuni 34mm CV carbs. Thinking maybe something real common from a 300-450cc MX bike w/accelerator pump?
  2. rbhart

    82' XL 80 rear wheel on a 99' XR100R?

    I have heard that only 86' and later wheels woul fit cause prior to that the bike had dual shocks and a different hub, but don't know for certain.
  3. I am wanting to put XR 80 wheels on my 99' XR 100R. Does anyone know if a 1982 XL80 rear wheel will fit on a 99'XR 100R?
  4. rbhart

    Anyone modified 85 wheels yet

    I've been toying w/ same idea. I know that for the front one can swap the bearings from 12mm ID(CR80/85) to 15mm ID (CRF 150R). For the rear honda's microfiche show already having a 15mm axle like the CR 150R but it is narrower so maybe only spacers?
  5. Could someone please tell me hte correct torque settings for the cylinder head bolts on a 2004 KTM 625 SMC?