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  1. Xmyheart1215

    WR250 graphics

    hey thanks.. my birthday is nov 16th and my parents are getting me new graphics for it, and hopefully a pink riding outfit lol.. i have a perfectly good one but gotta represent the thumpettes!!!
  2. Xmyheart1215

    WR250 graphics

    I am looking online for new graphics, my american flags have gas stains on them, and the flag is now red yellow and blue... im liking a lot i see but there arent a lot of choices for an '01 wr250.. will the '03wr250 fit?? the bike had a lot of yzf plastics when i got it (the original wr's came with it also, i swapped them out and its all wr now) will the yzf250 graphics fit?
  3. Xmyheart1215

    Pink wr250?

    If i wanted my bike to have all pink plastics... where would i find them?? i think that would look hot... its a 2001 wr250.. and i cant google it or anything
  4. Xmyheart1215

    New puppy!

    alright guys... cute dogs cute dogs... but i hate to break it to you but mines the cutest ;-) well shes cute anyway, and shes my babygirl so thats all that matters lol http://photobucket.com/albums/v237/xmyheart1215/?action=view&current=baileybeach.jpg http://photobucket.com/albums/v237/xmyheart1215/?action=view&current=baileybike.jpg My boyfriends dog, his name is moose, hes a german shepherd mix.. we think either rottie or chow... he has a spotted tongue but hes still the cutest dog ever.... http://photobucket.com/albums/v237/xmyheart1215/?action=view&current=Picture059.jpg
  5. Xmyheart1215

    Ladies, what are you riding?

    I just bought a 2001 WR250 on saturday... rode it off my street the first time yesterday, i was going up a hill and my brothers gf was in front of me on her tt-r250, and she kinda swerved real quick so she didnt fall, and i swerved around her, wound up falling, now i have killer road rash on my arm, and my left wrist got messed up... but... i still had the best time i ever have had riding, considering my 2 other rides were an '83 yz125, and a 2001 ktm 125sx.... no more 2smokes for me!! although after my bike is in the trailer, it takes about 57.3 kicks to start... anybody have this problem?
  6. Xmyheart1215

    New to thumpertalk and 4 strokes

    Yeah my friend lives there it takes about an hour to get there... about 20 minutes past you, queen valley or something.. fun riding and camping.. its way out there theres like a river with tadpoles and stuff too.. pretty neat.. we usually just go to lake pleasent
  7. Xmyheart1215

    New to thumpertalk and 4 strokes

    well seeing as how i lived in NY for 12 years, and me and my bf love the yankees, i put that sticker there yesterday lol..and i like it.. Im in Glendale.. what about you?
  8. Xmyheart1215

    New to thumpertalk and 4 strokes

    Well I have been out in the garage, I put the wr rear fender in, now i have my tail light.. I alsoput some blue grips on, the other ones were old and dirty, and my birthday is in november so im going to get the graphics kit, and put the wr gas tank back on... welp.. here she is folks.. (Keep in mind I'm a 19 year old girl) http://photobucket.com/albums/v237/xmyheart1215/?action=view&current=Picture349.jpg Your comments are appreciated
  9. Xmyheart1215

    New to thumpertalk and 4 strokes

    she has an fmf pipe, real nice, and right now all yzf plastics, tank, and a gripper seat... im gonna at least put the wr front plate and rear fender, bc i like having the headlight and tail light.. how do i post a picture?
  10. I just bought a 2001 Yamaha WR250 yesterday... I rode it up and down the block maybe twice... and I think I'm in love lol. My brother gf has a TT-R250 and I rode that once and knew I needed a 4 stroke.. (I was on an '01 KTM 125sx at the time) I learned how to ride on an '82 xr500, and also on an 83 yz125... so needless to say... this is by far my favorite!! i have a picture of it but idk how to post it.. I just signed up do I not have privelages yet?