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  1. FinBastard

    Honda Trail Bikes = Great Vendor!

    I ordered TB cdi-box from ebay and it changed my X2R a REALLY lot... so I ordered a couple of more them and sold on local track them at double price They were still cheaper to my "customers" than buying same kind from our local shop in Finland.
  2. FinBastard

    Stiffer springs to X2R

    Hello, I need stiffer springs for my X2R 'cause I weight 250lbs. Can I use Marzocchis or Sanos? If not, can someone tell length of springs if I have to custom made them.
  3. FinBastard

    Pister checklist and pimpin it up

    Hello all! I finally got my X2R What should I check or do before I ride it? What about tuning parts, what You recommend? Cdi box isn't expensive and I was thinking of bying it. Can I just change cdi box or do I need extra wires for it? Any help is
  4. FinBastard

    Rims and spokes for Pitster

    Hello all! I need good rims and heavy duty spokes for my pitster X2R, what do You recommend? If You know any good European shops where to buy, please let me know. I could order from States but i would have to pay big taxes
  5. Hello! I'm finally getting my first Pitster problem is I can't decide between X3R and X4R. Pitster would be my first fiddy and I would like to get more info about these bikes from you guys. I can compare specs, but I don't know whats the difference like frames, other one is aluminium alloy and other one is CNC alloy. I can look them up in dictionary, but is other stronger than other, CNC better than aluminium etc... Any help is more than welcome!
  6. Seems that Europeans can finally get Pitsters... Gary: Is this shop authorized Pitster dealer or is it just hoax? hxxp://www.pitbikeshop.nl/ -FinBastard-
  7. FinBastard

    Pitster dealers in Arizona?

    Is there any Pitster dealers in Arizona? There might be a good change me to travel to AZ next April. My wife is thinking a getting a new dog (Welsh Corgi Cardigan) from breeder in Arizona. She can't go herself 'cause we have one month old daughter. Of course I could just rent a car and go to Utah visit Gary myself (if Gary will see me). I could finally have change to test Pitster and get one. I'm putting up a team with my friend a we'll be racing here in Finland and probably in other countries in Scandinavia. -FinBastard-
  8. FinBastard

    Re-Painted Pit Bike

    Here is a couple of re-painted pit bikes from Finland: http://tinyurl.com/ngfat -FinBastard-
  9. FinBastard

    Debating on the Pitsterpro

  10. Hello! I need links to shops that send pit bike parts to Europe, tnx! -FinBastard-
  11. FinBastard

    FINALLY!!! got a pit bike!!!

    Why, Oh Why they can't sell new Pitster models in Europe -Fin:cry:Bastard-
  12. FinBastard

    Some pics on the new Reaper Pit Bike.

    Looks a lot like SDG and PitPro. -FinBastard-
  13. FinBastard

    New Pitsters to Europe?

    Hello! Are new Pister models coming to Europe? Anyone know a place in EU where to get them? -FinBastard-
  14. MonsterMoto Pro 125 MK1 = Pitster Pro, MonsterMoto Pro MK1 SX = ? Can't find info from net. Tryed to send email to monstermoto, but they don't answer. Anyone know difference between MK1 and MK1 SX, please post! -FinBastard- Ps. http://www.motocross.com/story_3882.htm Minimoto riding is growing fast here in Finland
  15. FinBastard

    Anyone heard/seen these?

    Whadda You think? www.starforce.com.tw -FinBastard-