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  1. clain286

    07 pops

    This might be a stupid question but does the fuel screw "bottom" out then 2-2 1/2 turns out from there.
  2. clain286


    http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r53/claing286/DSC00519.jpg I don't know if this link works or will help.
  3. clain286

    washing ritual

    I also use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser that stuff takes off anything!!!!
  4. clain286

    How to ride a 4-stroke 101

    Ride within your means...if your on the sidelines trying to start the bike, you will not win the moto. front brake don't be scared to use it, it helps
  5. clain286

    need a new hot start "plunger"

    it is an 06 kx 250f
  6. clain286

    need a new hot start "plunger"

    I need a new hot start "plunger". I broke mine when I was trying to get it out once it was stuck..I have had mine on order with my local dealer for 2 months and it comes up as back ordered...can anyone tell me where I can order a stock or after market one..please I need this bad.
  7. clain286

    07' Kx250f

    don't forget to get chain and sprockets
  8. clain286

    2006 Stock Skid Plate

    I just got a WC skid where is the rad over flow hose susposed to go...do you just leave it lose.
  9. clain286


    once you get your own routine stick with it...it'll calm your nerves on the line.
  10. clain286

    Installed 2006 oil filter according to manual. BAD!

    I just received a new manual from Kawi...haven't read it yet...said in the letter it was because of how to change oil
  11. clain286

    Canadian Bikes

    headingly sport shop (Manitoba)
  12. clain286

    Anyone have Picstures of Yellow Backbrounds

    if you are looking to buy some pre-printed backgrounds check this guys stuff out www.imageplusonline.com he cut the backgrounds for the team green riders(Canadian Team that is) in the Canadian AX. They look perfect. I just got my self a set and I love them. Let me know what you think.
  13. clain286

    What tires to use

    yeah.... I was wondering that to. I have my first 4 stroke and it is a lot harder on tires then my 2 stroke. Please the more info the better. My tire won't make it to long come spring.
  14. clain286

    thinking of putting some money into suspension

    Great info... thanks guys... I think I'll look into a package from factory connection because they have a Canadian outlet and it will be easier to get parts...
  15. hey just thinking of putting some money into my suspension (06 kxf 250). Just wondering where is the best place to start.