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  1. Supercross

    Red Dragons!!!!!
  2. ummm *MSRP* 250sx-f $7198 250kx-f $6999 250rm-f $6699 250cr-f $7199 250yz-f $6900 No more expensive than the honda
  3. It depends on the coins:p You're looking at it wrong its all about the $$$$$$ for the manufacturing company's.
  4. Here is my offroad garb. Helmet Neck Brace(Leatt) Chest protector (under shirt type) Jersey/Pants/Gloves Kidney Belt Knee pads Boots All the gear all the time!! with all that gear I'm still laying here in bed with a broken femur and a broken ankle. Just from riding off road!!! To the OP you can land on your head any where, not just on the track get a neck brace. (They help when you smack your head on trees too)
  5. yea what yzjay said, go ride!! you'll be fine. and "dont" use A&D that shit will make your back break out(ACNE!!!)
  6. I throw pad locks on front and rear rotors. lock the bikes together, and when I leave town and the bikes are in my garage I put them up on a stand I take out their rear shock and put it in the house. its easy on KTM's. Its hard to push a bike with no rear shock.
  7. Thanks for the idea.
  8. I rode with a pair of Ironclads for 3 years, they were great I didnt even take care of them. Rodzilla is right "They wear like iron". My new gloves that I'm trying out are a pair of Kilm the Revolt model. I really like so far, they offer more feel than the Ironclads.
  9. Best Wishes to your friend.
  10. whoa... Electric yellow's got me by the brain banana chief:crazy:
  11. Use a fine steel wool and wd-40 to get off any rust or crap and then buff with some Mothers polish.