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  1. Parker888

    Jason Ellis about Reed?

    Red Dragons!!!!!
  2. Parker888

    pumpkins r expensive

    ummm *MSRP* 250sx-f $7198 250kx-f $6999 250rm-f $6699 250cr-f $7199 250yz-f $6900 No more expensive than the honda
  3. Parker888

    steel frame vs. Aluminum.

    It depends on the coins:p You're looking at it wrong its all about the $$$$$$ for the manufacturing company's.
  4. Here is my offroad garb. Helmet Neck Brace(Leatt) Chest protector (under shirt type) Jersey/Pants/Gloves Kidney Belt Knee pads Boots All the gear all the time!! with all that gear I'm still laying here in bed with a broken femur and a broken ankle. Just from riding off road!!! To the OP you can land on your head any where, not just on the track get a neck brace. (They help when you smack your head on trees too)
  5. Parker888

    tattoo and riding

    yea what yzjay said, go ride!! you'll be fine. and "dont" use A&D that shit will make your back break out(ACNE!!!)
  6. Parker888

    Motorcycle security

    I throw pad locks on front and rear rotors. lock the bikes together, and when I leave town and the bikes are in my garage I put them up on a stand I take out their rear shock and put it in the house. its easy on KTM's. Its hard to push a bike with no rear shock.
  7. Parker888

    Poor Man's Lift Stand

    Thanks for the idea.
  8. I rode with a pair of Ironclads for 3 years, they were great I didnt even take care of them. Rodzilla is right "They wear like iron". My new gloves that I'm trying out are a pair of Kilm the Revolt model. I really like so far, they offer more feel than the Ironclads.
  9. Best Wishes to your friend.
  10. Parker888

    Small Mx Track

    whoa... Electric yellow's got me by the brain banana chief:crazy:
  11. Parker888

    How to buffer pipe

    Use a fine steel wool and wd-40 to get off any rust or crap and then buff with some Mothers polish.