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  1. madmaxxx

    Cluch Systems...

    my buddy had one he really liked it he said it was a pain to install but it really helps he has been riding for a year and he rides woods he took it on the track and said it wasnt good at all he recently sold it and bought a 230 but for woods it really heps
  2. madmaxxx

    pics of TTR 125 W/BBR pipe

    oh ok thanks
  3. madmaxxx

    pics of TTR 125 W/BBR pipe

    gee i found a new friend thanks for the welcome does someone know where he live and if theres a nice flight of steps there to "wrestle" on
  4. madmaxxx

    pics of TTR 125 W/BBR pipe

  5. madmaxxx

    Coolent vanishing in kdx220

    ok i ride this track if it helps i dont race just ride once a week didnt know if they held up http://www.creeksidemotox.com/CreeksideMotoX.html
  6. madmaxxx

    ttr 125

    ive had mine for 2 years i dont know everything but i know enough
  7. madmaxxx

    ttr125 vs. ttr230

    try the kdx 220 i thinnk they look good and i hear they rip in the woods
  8. madmaxxx

    pics of TTR 125 W/BBR pipe

    i was thinking of getting a bbr pipe if i do i will post pics
  9. madmaxxx

    2-strokes are coming back!

    i thik we should have a 3 stroke a mix of two stroke throtttle responce and weight and 4 stroke torque and not having to mix gas
  10. madmaxxx

    Riding jacket suggestions?

    i am thiking of getting a pressure suit try one of those
  11. madmaxxx

    fouling plugs on yz125 (just started)

    i have the same prob on my dads yz 250
  12. madmaxxx

    Coolent vanishing in kdx220

    are these good woods bikes??? can they keep up on the track with a few suspention mods
  13. ive ridden one or two times a week since i started ridin 4 years ago
  14. madmaxxx

    questions on a suzuki rmx250

    i think they have diff tires and maybe a hevier flywheel
  15. madmaxxx

    Got Dirt? New track

    but if you case a jump wont the car colapse