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  1. Critter81

    Anyone riding around Las Vegas

    I am relocating to the Vegas, Pahrump area starting after V2R because I am training to race the Dakar and I am looking for some riding partners is there anyone up for some longer rides on here?
  2. Critter81

    TXC310 and TE310 New Owner

    I live in Charlotte and I am adding the plate to a TXC
  3. Critter81

    TXC310 and TE310 New Owner

    Well the 2013 Husky blowout got me to reload the garage with some red and get rid of a few blue bikes so I have some questions for the husky owners on here 1) Although it does not feel like it is there a short throttle stop on either of these two bikes? 2) Can a dealer load the TXC map and timing into the TE so I can delete the O2 sensor? 3) Does anyone have the license plate bracket and tail light stuff off the TE they would want to sell off? 4) Is there an ECU combo out there that allows the timing to be changed I know there are ones out there with fuel maps. 5) radiator guard and skid plate suggestions would be great.
  4. Anyone know a good guy near charlotte NC
  5. Critter81

    Linkage Bearings = PITA

  6. That my friend is the standard WR/YZ Aluminum frame front end push. Tell your friend to get used to hitting tons of trees
  7. Critter81

    03 Wr 250- Can this bike be saved?

    my clutch has been dragging for a while and I just changed the push lever all the push rods and bearing inside the engine Problem solved. Those are wear and tear items that need to be replaced.
  8. Critter81

    yz250f turns like sh#t!!

    On my 06 WR250f steel frame the bike turned great loved the steel frame and they had 125mm of trail I went to the 07 aluminum frame WR250F and that bike has 115mm of trail. The aluminum frame YZ250F and the WR250F have very similar geometry. The triple clamp from Zip Ty is the single biggest positive change you can make to the bike. There is no possible way any suspension change can replace physically changing the offset in a triple clamp. Buy the clamp first worry about the suspension later. All the Pros I know running a aluminum frame Yamaha four stroke are running a clamp of some kind.
  9. Critter81

    yz250f turns like sh#t!!

    You need less offset in the clamps this will do the following 1) increase your trail. Increasing your trail will add stability and allow the bike to carve more mid corner. 2) shorten the wheel base which usually helps the bike turn quicker 3) add more weight to the front by pulling the front tire under the steering stem a little more. All these things help the front tire bite more and will give you more feed back before the bike tucks the front tire, and will add stability.
  10. Critter81

    yz250f turns like sh#t!!

    most of the pro I know still riding that bike use on of these http://www.ziptyracing.com/products/product_detail.aspx?id=MTYxMw== I have one and it is bitchin
  11. Call a couple of shops and ask them what they would take to adjust the valves adjusting them and measuring them are too different things. To adjust them you have to remove the cams to check them you just need to slide a feeler gauge under there. And yes doing a honda (uni-Cam) will be much different than a 5 valve dual cam motor
  12. should be a 4 hour job so take your local shop hourly rate and multiply by four
  13. Critter81

    what should i get?

    Look here http://motorcycle.jaxed.com/cgi-bin/mash.cgi?itm=&fil= This site search Craigslist and ebay nationwide I suggest finding a 2002 and up 125 or bigger for you. I just picked up a 2003 Sherco in nice shape for 1750 I would look to spend between 1700 and 2500 for a first bike. Then if you like it you can thing about upgrading after a year or so.
  14. Critter81

    WR250F Crankshaft

    nope not the same due to the fly wheel weight and I think a couple of other things... www.worldofpowersports.com can export
  15. Critter81

    YZ250F front suspension on a WR250F ?

    well there are lots of ways to do this you could buy a WR engine and the electronics and put it in the YZF frame or buy a WR and and move all of it over to the YZF frame or just move the forks over to the WR you bought. Lots of options