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  1. Kyle51

    What's It Worth???

    Nice bike! I really like the 05's...i have an 04 4,000-4400 maybe
  2. Kyle51

    my bike is done

    i like it, looks good
  3. Kyle51

    Poll: how much do you weigh...

    6' 175 but im only 17
  4. Kyle51

    mx vs atv pc game

    i think the game is fun, though i agree some of its very corny
  5. Kyle51

    PHOENIX Awesome Photos

    Awesome pics!
  6. Kyle51

    New Pictures from Saddle Mt. (1/14/06)

    Awesome pics
  7. Kyle51

    whats your #?!

    #51, because it's the number I have for football
  8. Kyle51

    small drop

    Looks like a cool place to ride! awesome video!
  9. Kyle51

    My New rims

    Nice bike!
  10. Kyle51

    I freakin DID IT!!! My first bike!

    Awesome bike. Have fun!!
  11. Kyle51

    Haha pretty funny

    Yeah those were awesome!
  12. Kyle51

    Pretty weak jump!!

    WOW! Thats crazy ______________ 04 CRF450 Clarke 3.3 tank, Thunder Alley exhaust, works connection
  13. Kyle51

    Keep it straight

    Wow that was a wicked crash! OUCH!!
  14. Kyle51

    pics of you garage

    Awesome garage! Very organized and clean, unlike mine
  15. Kyle51

    probably a repost but funny

    ha ha!!! Thats funny!! never seen