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  1. teuscher

    lucky to still be here

    I had mine go on me yesterday. I picked up a big nail just before turning left through a busy intersection. When I rolled on the gas coming out of the corner I almost low-sided it. It felt like the tire rolled off the rim. It got my attention, that's for sure! Glad you saved it!
  2. Hey all- Now that the weather is cooling off, I am looking for some better gloves. Currently, I am just wearing some insulated deer-hide gloves (the kind you can get at any outdoor store). However, they are a bit bulky and my finger tips freeze when it is in the 30s and 40s. I have hand guards installed and they do help a little. What about the heated kind? How well do these work? What is involved to install a plug on the DR-Z? Thanks!
  3. teuscher

    I saw the guy to run Bubba and Ricky

    I agree. I was at the Lakewood round and RV smoked everyone! He looked really smooth.
  4. teuscher

    street gear

    I just picked up some AXO Slammer boots and like them a lot. I can wear them with jeans when I commute to work. They would probably be okay for light dirt as well. For more serious off road, regular MX boots are in order. They are on sale at Motoworld racing: http://www.motoworldracing.com/axo-slammer-boot.html
  5. teuscher

    Clarke Tank Pics (natural)

    So far I have about 160 miles on the first tank and I am guessing I have at least 20-30 miles of gas left. Big improvement!
  6. teuscher

    Clarke Tank Pics (natural)

    Before I bought the tank, I searched the forum for pics, but couldn't find any of the natural color. I don't think it looks too bad and it is nice to see how much gas I have left. It went on super easy!
  7. teuscher

    Handlebar swap woes

    That's correct. The tube itself is a bit sloppy. I ordered an aftermarket throttle tube today. Hopefully, it's a bit better. Did you have problems getting the weights off the OEM bars?
  8. teuscher

    Handlebar swap woes

    I swapped out my stock bars last night with some Pro-Tapers and I had to vent. Firstly, I had to resort to cutting the stock bars off with a hacksaw on the inboard side of the grips in order to get the throttle tube off! I swear those bar end weights were welded in place! I stripped both of them before I resorted to the hacksaw. When I started to swap the grips, I took one look at the throttle tube/grip and thought &%$#@!? I have since read the threads on the problems people have had with this. Pretty funny! I just put the stock throttle tube/grip back on, but there seems to be a lot of slop now. The throttle tube actually rattles a bit on the bar. Are the Pro-Tapers a little smaller in diameter or did those bar end weights help hold it in place? Do the aftermarket throttle tubes fit a little better?
  9. I was wondering if anyone knows what he story is with Throttlehead.com? I ordered some stuff from them a few weeks ago (because I live fairly close to them and figured it would only be 1 day for the shipping). Their website is down, they don't answer the phone and the sales Voice Mail box is full and it won't let me leave a message? Did they go out of business? Thanks!