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  1. bikeman333

    09 250f question

    no only 1 drain plug
  2. bikeman333

    09 250f question

    OK I just changed the oil and filter and put a full ot of oil in like other people said they do. It shows a bit high almost up to the top of the sight glass is it ok. Please let me know. Thanks
  3. bikeman333

    1 more oil question sorry

    OK I just got a 09 250 and wanted to make sure I can use Kawasaki 4 cycle premium oil in the bike. Also when you change the oil and put a new filter in you should put in about 800 cc in . Just want to make sure. Thanks
  4. what years dis both suzuki and kawasaki share the same motors . Did they stop in 05 or 06. Please let me know I am looking at a 06 250f . Has a new top and bottom end and it looks clean I just do not want to have any issues. Any thoughts. Thanks
  5. bikeman333

    06 kx 250f question

    OK, got a question I was thinking of working out a deal on a 06 250f. The motor was just rebuilt . It is at a local dealer they are asking 3k for it it looks clean. I have been on a 07 Honda CRF450F but I miss a 250. Please let me know what you think about the 06 250f.
  6. bikeman333

    MX Tracks in or near Sanford, FL

    Question I am going to in Sanford in a few weeks for the weekend . Is there any MX tracks that are close by. I wanted to do some riding when we were up there. Please let me know thanks.
  7. bikeman333

    weight question

    OK how much will a 250r handle . I was riding a 05 250 then I went to a 07 450r. Today I rode my old 250 and liked it. I weigh 172 pounds .I do not race, just ride the track. Any thoughts . thanks
  8. bikeman333

    sprocket question

    OK I went to Cycle Gear today. They carry Afam sprockets. I never heard of that brand. Does anyone know if these are any good. Please let me know I need to replace the chain and sprokets and if I order them online I will not get them till next week. This brand Afam sprockets are in stock. Ay thoughts.
  9. bikeman333

    kx250f vs crf250r

    Question I alaways ride Hondas but thinking of geting a KX250F for my son. He rides a 05 Honda CRF250R now . Can anyone tell me the pros and cons . Also the dependability. I never have problems with the Honda .Either his 250 or my 450. Want to upgrade the 250 to a newer year. And I heard the Kawasaki was a good bike. Thanks please give me some feedback .
  10. bikeman333

    seminole mx

    no one
  11. bikeman333

    seminole mx

    question has anyone been out to Seminole since they closed the sx track . Is the new layout good where they added some sx stuff . Also does it get all whooped out like it has in the past . Do they split up the classes? Thanks
  12. bikeman333

    Looking for a 150RB

    I have a 2007 150 big wheel . My son out grew it .The bike is in great shape. Just put a new back tire on it also a chain and sprokets. Had the valves checked not to long ago and they were fine . Call me if you want 561-445-2167 Howard
  13. bikeman333

    Rear Brake Pads

    Today I was doing the same thing ,could not get the left side in tried to sand the pad down got better but not in. I gave up.. My friend is going to stop by Saturday andshow me how to do it. Thanks
  14. bikeman333

    rear brakes

    question How hard is it to replace the rear break pads. Can someone tell me how. Thanks
  15. One more part # needed that is the bolt and washer # for when you check to see if you have enough trans fluid . thanks