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  1. The stock unit has a blue paper “like” gasket.
  2. Why would you be concerned with a 15T?? If anything the entire system including the chain will last longer as it has a larger turning radius therefore not pinched so much as the stock 13T. I have a 14T on with no signs of wear. Not that a 230 with less than 20HP and a 520 chain will ever cause much wear… Unless you go with disposable aluminum sprockets like Renthal.
  3. Correct. If your getting fuel through the line to the carb but no further the float height must be way off or something is stuck. You must check the float height holding the carb at about 45 deg. That way the valve is just touching the opening and not under any compression.
  4. Yes Yes. I see it now. :-) My apologies to you FATHER AND SON CRF for my misplaced critique!
  5. The “Power up kit” as it has been affectionately referred to is the process you just described. I’m not sure why it was ever termed that but I do know the first time I read about it was either on Rick’s sight or It stems back to a procedure of adding optional Honda parts they describe as “Full Power Parts” If you scroll down near the end of the post the text can be seen here: Because you don’t know what it is you have decided it’s wrong? Most information you see about this is not “wrong” at all… That’s not to say there isn’t posts that would be considered out of a safe range.
  6. Rotella T is a great oil. So is Mobil 1 especially the V-twin and Amsoil. If you do some research on the properties these excel.
  7. Like your XR this thing is bullet proof. As long as you ride it every 2 to 4 weeks the batt will always work. Go ahead and feel comfortable in your purchase.
  8. I use a T handle wrench. I mark a line from the underside of the handle to the height I want. Then add till I get close. Like on a dipstick you will see the wet portion relative to your line. Yes it must be fully compressed. You will feel it bottom out as you push down on it. It’s worth checking BTW… When I did I found a different level from fork to fork contributing to the unpredictable stock feeling.
  9. Here is a link to help guide you in better understanding your carb in general and jetting it. The whole article I posted is well worth the read but if you want the condensed version to get you started quickly scroll down to the Carburetor Jetting Troubleshooting section. I did not write this BTW… All credit to the original author!
  10. The stock fluid is 10W or SS8 as Honda calls it. As for the fluid level there is a discrepancy in the manual. If you put in the recommended volume of fluid it rises above the recommended height. This is well documented around the net but if I recall correctly you end up about 3.5 inches down from the top of the upper tube compressed into the bottom. This of course is the MAX height.
  11. 5'11' and 230lbs. It pulls me around just fine.
  12. Where are you looking on the plug? How are you looking at it? What gear and speed are you doing your plug chop? You have at least 10 or 15 mins on the new plug? The bike is under load like up a hill before the chop? You taped off the throttle and marked graduated lines to show the open position and 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 and spot on the starter button housing to confirm? I’m not trying to be a dick… I ask these questions as it’s much more difficult that people think to accurately read a plug for jetting and particularly difficult to associate what circuit in the carb (pilot, needle position and finally main) are attributing to the rich condition. Does your 04 have a pile of mileage? Have you checked the compression? If it’s down you likely have a lot of ring blow buy allowing oil past the rings creating the condition your describing.
  13. It’s sounds straight forward to me. The battery is fine. The stock stators output is about 60W (don’t quote me as I’m at work and don’t have the spec in front of me). What size light are you running? Even if it’s a low 35W it’s tasking your system too much and not leaving enough to charge the batt. Call Rickey stator…
  14. After you get it off wash it after every ride then spray it down with WD-40. The next wash the dirt will fall off just looking at it!
  15. Don’t run a hotter plug. Actually plugs don’t get hotter. They let your engine run hotter buy not pulling as much heat out the top into the head through the nose insulator. Heat is your enemy… not a friend! What make you think your running rich with these settings? If anything I would guess your lean.