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  1. I have a 06 TE610 and have been very happy with the stability and lack of vibration. Rock solid and a lot less vibration than the KTM625 and even less than the KLR IMO. The longest ride I've done so far is 120 miles of half fast dirt road and half 2 lane highway and I think this bike is perfect for this kind of riding and will do the 75-80 on the dirt or road with plenty to spare. Top speed with stock gearing is over 100 but I haven't done that yet. Where I live I don't have to do the slabs thank god. My former bike was a KLR with the stock seat and after 120 or so miles my butt would hurt and my right hand would be numb. NOT with the Husky even though the seat is firm and narrow. Some guys will probably want to have the seat modified if they are going to do 250 mile plus days.
  2. dcj

    TE610 kickstand

    The kickstand on the new TE610 is the springloaded self retracting kind and it is kind of dangerous IMO. I worried that someone will bump the bike enough to retract it and it will fall and hurt somebody, like a kid. I also got tired of it retracting when I didn't want it to, like when I stood the bike up vertical to check the oil level in the right side window, so I cut the spring stop off of the shoulder bolt that holds on the kickstand and now it will stay down until I put it up. My next project is to lengthen the stand and put a larger foot on it.
  3. dcj

    06 TE 610 Owners Review

    I took the TE610 out today and did a 115 mile ride of about 30 miles of fairly twisty pavement and maybe 15 miles of gravel. The rest was dirt road with some areas of sandy soil. Max speed of 70mph on the dirt and not that fast on the pavement because I am running 15 lbs front and 18lbs rear in the Karoos. The bike is very stable at speed on the dirt and gravel but the suspension still feels harsh on any bumps or washboard areas. The seat is pretty narrow but no pain in the butt in 115 miles of mostly sitdown riding. The Husky ran great and seems to be starting gaining more power as it breaks in. The oil can symbol on the computer came on about halfway into the ride but when I stopped and checked the oil wasn't low so I didn't worry about it until I got home and read the manual. The symbol means the bike is ready for it's first oil change.
  4. dcj

    06 TE 610 Owners Review

    Did you mean old design compared to XR600 and KTM 625?
  5. dcj

    06 TE 610 Owners Review

    husky123 My TE610 came with the Karoos and I have been satisfied with them on the road, gravel and in the dirt riding I have done so far. I haven't ridden any deep sand or any mud yet so it's kind of hard to recommend them. Just by looking at the tread pattern I would guess they probably aren't too great in those conditions. They are, however, far better IMO than the throw-aways that come on Japanese dual-sport bikes and I am going to leave them on for now and see how they wear. I've used Dunlop 606s in the past and will get them or something similar next time. Achange I've had no problems with the computer yet other than trying to figure out how to work the darn thing. The dealer I bought from also sells GasGas and had a set of Fastway pegs for them. They also fit my TE610. Thanks for the skid plate info.
  6. dcj

    06 TE 610 Owners Review

    I've had my new TE610 for a month now and have ridden about 50% paved road and 50% gravel roads, rough jeep trails and some easy( because I don't have a skid plate yet) single track. My previous bike was a KLR650 so the Husky is a lot lighter in actual weight and in the way it handles. The weight feels low to me. The Husky is like all other stock bikes in that it has some issues that need to be addressed and it needs some add-on equipment to be a real Adventure bike. The engine is very smooth with a really nice pull from any RPM. The 6-speed ratios seem fine to me for my intended use but I can see where some people might want lower and most riders don't need 100mph. The brakes are very good and have been a real adjustment for me from the terrible stock KLR brakes. My suspension is still set at the factory settings and is very stiff. I am waiting to let it get broken in more before it do any adjustment. The sag has me flat footed. I am 6' 1" and 210 lbs. with a 34" inseam. The seat is okay so far but the farthest I've ridden at one time is only 80 miles. No pain in the butt yet. It's better than I expected. Mods so far: Moose handguards. Rim locks so I can run the Karoos at low pressure for dirt. Fastway pegs set in low position and reversed handlebar clamp to open up riding position while standing. The stock pegs on the TE610 are way too narrow. Get the Fastways or the pegs off of the TE450-510. Cali emissions stuff- GONE Removed rear turn signal spacer and I haven't noticed any melting by the exhaust. My bike came with the small Euro lights up front and the US DOT ones in back. Strange. Future Mods: Skid plate when they become available. Uptite said they will have some in about a month. 4 plus gallon tank or some other way to carry more gas. Soft panniers. I'm waiting to see what the factory ones will be like. Different kick stand set-up. It's not good.
  7. dcj

    Newbie thinking of a TE610

    I paid the full list price of $7199 for my '06 TE610 about 2 weeks ago. I have a dealer about a mile down the road from my house who is great to work with. It would have been nice to buy it for less but I'm satisfied given that it's really worth that price IMO and that Husky dealers may not be able to get as many of these bikes as they could sell this year.
  8. dcj

    2006 TE510 - in my garage

    Eric Good point, I never thought about the thick rubber cover on the pegs causing the problem finding neutral. I will check that out. I still don't like the pegs though, even without the rubber cover, they are not as wide as the pegs that come on the 450, 510 etc. and don't have as much serrated area for a good grip.
  9. dcj

    2006 TE510 - in my garage

    How sweet are these '06 Husky's? I put a $500 deposit on a new TE610 sight unseen after reading up on the specs, reviews and comments on this forum. The bike come in to my dealer last week and and I had a chance to check it out and ride it a little on Saturday. This is an awesome motorcycle. Really smooth with little vibration for a big thumper and pulls like crazy right from an idle. Only complaints so far are funky big rubber covered crappy serrated pegs and it is a little hard to find neutral when stopped. Nice tidy turn signal setup. Mine has a the real small triangular ones up front and the little bit bigger ones in back. I'll get new pegs, handguards and a skidplate and I will be good to go. Sorry, I know your thread was about the 510 but I could resist saying what a great job Husqvarna is doing with their new bikes.