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  1. wacker boy

    throttle position switch

    Well I took the carb apart and soaked it in a gallon of carb cleaner for a couple of days and now it runs like a champ. Thanks guys
  2. wacker boy

    throttle position switch

    what if I have a dead battery? I have done the stator mod where you float the ground for more watts, and the battery is done do you think that there is not enough going to the motor to let it run.
  3. wacker boy

    throttle position switch

    How do you know if it is working or not ? I think I have a electrical problem and dont know were to start. It will start and has good compression put it pops and sputers at an idle and as soon as you give it any gas it just dies but will start back up fine. Any in put you have will help. thank you
  4. wacker boy

    oversized valves

    would oversized valves be worth the money to put in a 450 or is the air box not big enough to supply it with enough air to get a big boost of power
  5. wacker boy

    Which Generation WR Do You Have?

    dont forget a bout the old 2-smoke wr's ! I have one of those too
  6. wacker boy

    new head

    WOW!! that sounds like a good deal thanks for the info.
  7. wacker boy

    new head

    I need to replace my head on my 450 and i was wanting to know if any one sells reconditioned head or do i have to buy a new one.
  8. wacker boy

    Whats Your WR450's Top Speed

    I got mine to do 112 on a dry lake . At least that is what the G.P.S had to say
  9. wacker boy

    Port Jobs

    What is the best type of port job should I do and who should i have do it? I already have YZ Hotcams and getting ready to put the Athena 478 big bore kit in my 450 and would like to do a port job to match.
  10. wacker boy

    Big Bore or High Comp.

    Well guys thanks for your in put. I think i will go with the athena 478 big bore kit and a port job due to the fact i dont want to run race gas.Who would you guys recommand to do a good port job?
  11. wacker boy

    Big Bore or High Comp.

    I am looking to get somemore low end power with out losing a lot of topend. I already have the hotcams set up in and running a 14-46 sprocket ratio. what i am asking is what is some of the differeces between the to.
  12. wacker boy

    wont start after rebuild

    OK it seems that there was a shim on a ex-valve that somehow got stuck side ways in the bucket and was holding the valve open so it would not start , so i really did not have compression when i said i did. also do you guys know why wisco says not to use there ring in a crome cylinder,when you order a top end kit these rings come with the kit and they have to know that the bike you are going to put them in has a crome cylinder
  13. wacker boy

    wont start after rebuild

    thanks guy i am going to take back to the guy that did the rebuild so he can look at it
  14. wacker boy

    wont start after rebuild

    i just had my 450 rebuilt and when i went to start it for the first time it would not start. i do have spark fuel and compression. i need some suggestions
  15. wacker boy

    yz flywheel on a wr

    will a yz 450 flywheel fit on a wr 450? if not can the one on the wr be lightend to yz spec. and where can i have it done