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  1. bserventi

    Help finding exhaust????

    Anybody got a BBR KLX perimeter exhaust for sale???
  2. bserventi

    Help finding exhaust????

    I have a Coolster Jumper 3 with a Perimeter Frame. I just bought a 155zHO motor with the KLX ports. I need to find a KLX port pipe that goes on a Perimeter frame. Any body have suggestions
  3. bserventi

    Zongshen 125cc Wiring Help

    Somebodys got to have an answer. I know I'm not the only one to have one of these motors. Thanks Bill
  4. bserventi

    Zongshen 125cc Wiring Help

    Got a new Zongshen 125cc motor but it came with no wiring diagram. It has Green, Blue/White, Yellow, White, and Black/Red coming off the motor. The coil has a green and Black/Yellow. I know all the greens are to be grounded (Green from kill, coil, and engine), but I cant figure out the other combo's, and am getting no spark. Thanks for the help.